Are you ready to take your healing energy to the next level?

Are you ready to take your healing energy to the next level?

Reiki 2 Workshop

Nationally Certified

Advanced Reiki Practitioner Training

Are you ready to take your healing energy to the next level?


What do I get in Reiki 2 Practitioner Training?

In this workshop, we teach you the sacred Reiki symbols and you will be immersed in becoming a Professional Reiki Therapist.

After completing this comprehensive workshop and the course practice requirements you will be qualified to work as a Reiki Practitioner.

Come along and continue the journey of joyfully expanding yourself and impacting others, through the powerful Reiki Healing techniques and practices.

Plus you’ll also continue to develop your compassion for self and others, deepen your self-love and explore more fully your connection to the divine within.


Facilitated by Lisa Brandis, Founder of Intuitive Reiki International


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The class combines teaching, discussion, attunements, meditations, and experiential practice in a well-organised, but relaxed program. It will also include discussion and experiences that will expand your mind and awareness leading to a greater sense of self-confidence.  Reiki 2 Workshop Students can practice Reiki on a business level (if they so wish) after completion of this Reiki 2 Workshop.

Workshop Includes

  • Learn the sacred Reiki Symbols

  • Discover how working with them can heighten your Intuition leading to greater spiritual awareness

  • Activation of the Reiki 2 Symbols

  • Experience a stronger flow of Reiki Energy

  • Receive an additional Attunement to the Reiki symbols

  • Focus and direct beautiful healing energy

  • Experience a channelled meditation that will increase your levels of joy and abundance

  • Learn how to send Reiki across time and space

  • Distant healing for self, others, situations, environments, past, present, and future events, resolving dynamics between people and developing insight and understanding.

  • Reiki Ethics and Professional Practice

  • Tips on how to run a successful Reiki Practice

  • Hands on practice in class

  • Upon completion of this level of Reiki you will be personally invited to join Reiki WA’s exclusive Intuitive Reiki Membership Group 

  • All Reiki 2 Workshops will be delivered live online due to current social distancing restrictions, until further notice.


Investment $497

Upcoming Dates: 6th & 7th February 2021

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Our New Virtual Classroom – Testimonials

I have just completed my Reiki II course and I can not speak highly enough of Lisa Brandis. She is extremely knowledgeable and an excellent facilitator/teacher. She is kind, caring and takes the trouble to give added support where needed. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have attended Intuitive Reiki International courses.  I found the Reiki II Attunement to be enlightening. I felt tingling in my crown chakra and in my hands and also had visual experiences.

I can’t recommend Lisa highly enough. There are no words.

Kathryn Turner

I would highly recommend Lisa to anyone wanting to learn Reiki.  Lisa’s warm beautiful soul is so open with love and guidance you couldn’t ask for a better teacher and mentor.  Lisa covers a lot in her course and its easy to understand, its fun and a beautiful atmosphere to learn in.  I’m looking forward to doing my Masters under Lisa’s guidance.  It has taken me a while to find a Reiki teacher I could feel comfortable with and know I was going to learn all I needed to without it being rush or half-hearted. Lisa puts her heart and soul into her business and her passion to teach and this shows in her teaching, ongoing support and guidance. I’m sure I was guided to this beautiful lady and I couldn’t be happier that I found her.

If you want to learn reiki in a loving fun and easy to learn environment then look no further than Lisa you will not be disappointed. Thank you Lisa for your love, support and guidance I’m looking forward to learning and becoming one of your Reiki Masters.

Karina Leahy

Lisa has been a fantastic support throughout. It has been an emotionally and spiritually rewarding experience that I would (and have) recommend to anyone seeking spiritual or emotional support or just feeling a little “out of alignment” in their body, or in their life to attend Reiki workshops or book a session at Intuitive Reiki International.

Karis Smyth

This was an absolutely brilliant experience!   I’ve waited a long time for this.  I’ve connected once again. So very grateful💫Oh my goodness. Definitely a 10 out of 10. What special gifted lady for whom we get to Learn 🌈

Sandy Latina

Congratulations Treasure, I feel that the workshop was a great success due to your dedication to preparing and presenting the Reiki II online program; it really paid off!  The program was exactly the same as the ‘face to face’ workshop and everyone who attended (Masters & students alike) I feel, felt welcome and were happy to participate in all activities as well as discussions. Personally, as a Master Trainee, this workshop has also given me further and valuable experience of how to conduct a Reiki Program and attuning students by audio-visual online should I ever wish to follow onto the teaching path in the future years.  You are beautifully amazing and my hat goes off to you.  I do not have any hesitation in recommending your Reiki II workshop via in-house or audiovisual to anyone who would like to learn and surrounded by loving souls in the wonderful world of Reiki.  Thank you so much for all that you are and all that you do, I feel very privileged to be part of your nurturing Reiki community. As I’ve said in comments before in previous Reiki workshops, “I feel very blessed” and congratulations once again.

Karen Lindsay-Smith


Learning Reiki II with Lisa Brandis was a gift.  She is a wealth of knowledge and delivers in absolute love for Reiki and her students.  She truly wants you to succeed with Reiki in whatever way that means to them.  I highly recommend you study “Intuitive” Reiki with Lisa, she is a true Master. 

Marnie LeFevre

Experience the start of soul spirit journey and help to put light in the world

Gayleen Richards

Feeling Excited and inspired, heading forward with new knowledge with compatible souls

Sophie Tapscott

There was an amazing synergy and connection that happened throughout the weekend, it was beautiful to watch.  I feel very lucky to have been a part of it. Thank you beautiful Lisa for empowering others and being a vessel of knowledge for the service of humanity.

Vanessa Buffham

Another lovely experience with Lisa and all the beautiful souls in our class,  thank you, much love.

Dione Castlehow

Lisa’s radiance of love during her teaching is what makes these sessions so special.  With so much passion for Reiki and teaching, Lisa is the perfect guide for this Reiki 2 program.  She gives me the confidence to constantly improve myself through the use of Reiki, Lisa is an amazing teacher and a gift to this earth.

Elizabeth Smith

If you are thinking of Reiki as a possibility, then it is clear that Reiki needs to become a reality. Lisa’s workshops are powerful in helping one uncover the innate channel of energy that resides in all of us and is highly recommended.

Helen Shirlock

What a great experience with you and great friendships made. You have a beautiful soul and a beautiful person. Thank you. – Sandrine


It was such a joy to receive my certificate for Reiki II practitioner, much more than any other certificate I have achieved and I so look forward to belonging to the Reiki membership group and continually progressing on this my new life path. – Margrett Robson

Margrett Robson

It was a very safe, beautiful, empowering workshop. Great for believing and trusting your own energy.

Birgit Srhoj

Have enjoyed both Reiki I & II workshops. I feel that my whole world has changed and continues to do so. I have more confidence in myself, love for myself, and for others. I trust and go with my intuition more and can’t wait to see where I go from here.

Megan Hough

Amazing Lisa! The Reiki II workshop was absolutely fantastic, I felt the Reiki energy 1000 times for than for Reiki I. Just loved it! Want to keep walking on this beautiful path of love.

Christelle Burdy

Reiki II has opened me up to a greater flow of Reiki. I feel I have gone up a level. Thank you, Lisa.

Cindy Schuller

Such lovely souls, it’s such a privilege to have met and connected in a beautiful loving way.

Kimella Parsons

Feeling excited and inspired, heading forward with new knowledge with compatible souls.

Sophie Tapscott

Is accreditation important to you?

It is very important to us too! We are so proud to announce that our new Online Reiki Course has recently been approved for accreditation with the International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT).  We are working with IICT to continue to adapt and update our virtual real-time training course to ensure the highest standard is still upheld when moving our training into this new and exciting format.

Our value of keeping all of our students safe during this pandemic is the highest priority while still continuing to support and offer workshops that are keeping us all connected during these times of great uncertainty to make our workshops accessible to everyone.

Our unique and highly sought-after certification course is now being offered online in our Virtual Training Room. Yes!  Intuitive Reiki Online workshop with powerful results. – Click here to read the article.

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