Reiki with Lisa Brandis 

I so loved meeting you today as well and can’t tell you how much I enjoyed our session. Your advice and guidance confirmed what I knew deep down.  I felt wonderfully vibrant and in-spirit immediately after our session. At the moment, I’m feeling a greater sense of openness and acceptance, allowing myself to simply be and be me. I’m looking forward to opening myself and my heart even more in our next session.

Pamela Lane

There are no words as to how much you and Reiki helped me and I will carry this knowledge in my heart, soul, and life for all eternity. I have been blessed to have ‘found’ Lisa Brandis and Intuitive Reiki for both have brought huge change and growth within me. For this, I am truly grateful.


Thank you soo much for everything you have taught me. Reiki has blessed my life immensely, it has brought me greater inner peace and self-love, increased trust in God and the universe, which has significantly reduced stress, helped me to be more self-aware, adapt and go with the flow of life”.

Dayle Allen

Learning Reiki has changed my life!  

I’ve felt more peace , relaxation, stress reduction, self-healing, joy, etc I really had none before learning and experiencing Reiki. Maybe at a surface level, I did sometimes. I also used to struggle emotionally as well, but after Reiki, just wow!  It’s been just over 12 months since I learnt Reiki I and about 10 months since learning Reiki 2 and I can honestly say the life I have now is so far removed from the life I had before Reiki. I’m helping people help themselves. This has been the best part, to be honest. I’m helping myself. I’m pursuing dreams I didn’t think were possible (part of that’s the helping people bit) Creatively I feel I’ve opened up even more than before. Plus one of the best bit is I met some amazing people. I walked into the first Reiki nervous and people shy around new people and truly walked out of day 1 feeling like I belonged and a bunch of friends. So I would recommend and that’s only my condensed recommendation 😊 Forever grateful xx

Meg Hough
Thank you for such an amazing session again today. It never goes in the direction I think it will, but I think that’s the best part – it’s always exactly what I need. 😊

Reiki with Fiona Greenlaw

Fiona is a highly trained and dedicated healer. After being told I may require surgery on my eye if it didn’t improve, I began Reiki sessions with Fiona. The level of care, relaxation, and healing I received were phenomenal. After only a handful of sessions, my eye had healed by itself and my energy level had increased after a bout of constant illness. “Thank you, Fiona, for helping my body, mind, and spirit heal”.

Kiera M

Fiona has an extraordinary insightful ability. I had no expectations at all before my visit with her because it was something totally new for me. Afterward, I was so relaxed and “light” in spirit as Fiona spoke of several things that she had seen for me. It was more than I had expected, and her words resonated with my life story leaving me with reassuring strength. Even after a week or so, things felt aligned and more in focus. I cannot recommend Fiona enough she is a pure soul and she was right about my new job!

Joanna R

Since seeing Fiona I have found the clarity I was seeking about my career. I had come to a crossroads and was anxious to move forward in another direction but did not know how to. Through her beautiful healings I have been able to leave my old job behind and am now looking forward to my new job and all the challenges it will bring. The anxiety I felt because of the disconnection I was experiencing with my old job has gone and I feel “lighter”. Each session with Fiona is different but always beautiful, gentle and helpful. The pain I was experiencing in my knees is much better and the pain in my neck and shoulder has gone completely. “Thank you so much Fiona.”

Bev J

Fiona is such an amazing healer, I had an issue with my foot and after a few Reiki sessions, it is no longer causing me any discomfort. Her sessions are so relaxing and you will leave feeling energised and uplifted. Her Intuitive guidance given after the session is always spot on too! Highly recommend booking a session with Fiona.

Tabitha M