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6 Week Program

I created this fantastic course which walks you through, step by step, how to channel, incorporating lots of learnings from other channels from around the globe, so rest assured, you can channel too!

Starting Wednesday 14th August 2019 – Wed 18th September 2019.

What you’ll learn:
  • Channel a High-Level Spirit Guide who is a loving being of light whose purpose is to encourage and inspire you
  • You’ll gain more confidence
  • Release any doubts and fears that you may have
  • Learn how to receive clear guidance that you can trust
  • When you learn how to channel, you are raising your own personal vibration, and bringing through powerful healing energy that is uplifting and inspiring
  • Channeling will gift you with a very wise teacher – one that comes from within, rather than seeking answers from outside of yourself
  • Channeling will also assist you in making positive life changes
  • Learn how to increase your ability to assist your clients to release blockages in profound ways

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