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Support and Tuition Group for Reiki Practitioners.

  • Facilitated by Lisa Brandis

    Are you wanting to trust your intuition?

    Surround yourself with like-minded, supportive and encouraging people, that want to advance their skills and intuition?

    If you answered yes, then this group is for you.

    “I started my Intuitive Reiki Development Group to support the healers who train with me and other qualified Reiki practitioners who feel they need a professional support system ongoing.  I felt that becoming a Reiki practitioner was only one aspect of their personal and professional journey.  This is why I developed a group where members receive the ongoing support and education essential to developing their skills.  I have also found that providing this safe and supportive environment for my healers enables them to maintain a healthy body/mind/spirit so they can then better support their clients, themselves and humanity in the most ethical way possible.”  Lisa Brandis


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