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Working with Spirit to Reach your Full Potential!

One of the most exciting aspects of learning and working with Intuitive Reiki is the ability to tune into the spirit world and bring through empowering messages, guidance, and insights for your clients, and also for yourself. When you activate Reiki first before tuning into the spirit world it helps to elevate your consciousness to a higher level allowing for a pure source of intuitive guidance to be accessed.

Do you want to get clear and accurate guidance for your clients? If so, then here are my top 5 tips to get you started:

1. Understand your client’s needs. The first place to start when giving a reading to your client is to open your heart, then call in the light and your guides and set a powerful intention to be an open channel for love and to be of service to the greatest good of your client.

2. Know your own intuitive gifts and how you most enjoy personally accessing your unique spiritual gifts. Knowing yourself, your guides, and how you best connect will assist you to provide your clients with the love, support, and wisdom that they are seeking. When you love what you do, you will find that you are in a higher state of consciousness, that you are in a joyful state of appreciation and gratitude and the messages flow effortlessly.

3. Empower your Clients. Once you receive guidance I suggest that you take some time to ‘feel’ into the message prior to sharing it with your client. I also like to remind my clients that they too will need to discern and decide what is best for them. It often opens a healthy dialogue between you both and you can support them to make empowering choices in their life.

4. Confidence comes with practice. I personally believe that we all know what we are wanting. Sometimes the mind or the opinions of others can cloud our own judgment and make it difficult to get clarity. A great reading will clear the way for your client to feel and resonate with their own truth. When you have fine-tuned your spiritual abilities, you can expertly guide your clients to discover their own inner wisdom which feels exciting and empowering for you both!

5. Know yourself and your limitations. As they say, walk before you run! Intuition takes time to develop and I suggest learning in a safe and supportive environment with open-minded students that are happy for you to practice with, to develop your intuition, and learn how to trust yourself.

Need more support?

Or would you like to get clear intuition, and trust in your guidance for both your own spiritual development or to assist others?

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