Receive ongoing support and education essential to developing your Intuition & Reiki Skills

Support and Tuition Group for Reiki Practitioners.

Are you wanting to trust your intuition?

Surround yourself with like-minded, supportive and encouraging people, that want to advance their skills and intuition?


Why I started the Intuitive Reiki Development Group

I started my Intuitive Reiki Development Group to support the healers who train with me and other qualified Reiki practitioners who feel they need a professional support system ongoing.  I felt that becoming a Reiki practitioner was only one aspect of their personal and professional journey.  This is why I developed a group where members receive the ongoing support and education essential to developing their skills.  I have also found that providing this safe and supportive environment for my healers enables them to maintain a healthy body/mind/spirit so they can then better support their clients, themselves and humanity in the most ethical way possible.”



  • Reiki mentoring from Intuitive Reiki Master Practitioner, Lisa Brandis

  • 20 minute Guided Healing Meditation

  • 40-minute presentation each month by Lisa Brandis (or specialist guest) on the latest in Reiki and other applicable energy practices

  • Reiki healing group practice session each month where you will give and receive Reiki from fellow members and be guided by Lisa Brandis on best practice techniques

  • Q&A open floor opportunity with Lisa Brandis and other Reiki Masters within the membership for group education and growth

  • Instruction and education on increasing your intuitive abilities and spiritual channeling

  • Networking and support from like-minded individuals that share the same passion as you do for Reiki, energy healing and spiritual growth

  • A nurturing environment to cleanse and clear stuck energy you have been carrying for the month

  • Monthly newsletter outlining what was presented, other interesting discoveries and what to expect from the next members meeting

  • Private Facebook Group facilitated by Lisa Brandis for questions outside group meetings and gaining ongoing support from peers in a safe environment

Intuitive Reiki has hosted the following Special Guest Presenters:

Membership Details

Taking your Reiki training to the next level!  

Suitable for Reiki Practitioners who want to consistently increase their intuition and develop their Reiki practice with support in a like-minded community.

Please note that due to Government regulations at this time membership group is being offered from our virtual training room in zoom, a small number of students are able to join us in our centre, by appointment only, as we are limited to the numbers of students allowed in person.

January 2020  >  How To Use Reiki Symbols To Increase Abundance

February 2020 >  How channeling can increase your energy and positive wisdom

March 2020  > How to use Reiki to quickly align to source energy – (Reiki Attunements – Revisited).

April 2020  >How to activate your Higher Chakras to increase happiness and peace.

May 2020  > How to relieve stress and increase joy

June 2020  > Increasing your confidence with sales and marketing with Special Guest Presenter Kate De Jong

July 2020  >  How to communicate with spirit animals for clear guidance

Aug 2020  >Know your numbers with special guest speaker Keryn Rose

Sep 2020  >  The Art of being yourself

October 2020  > Expanding into the Multi-dimensional Heart chakra and operating as a Conscious Being with Mary Shaw

November 2020  >  TBC

December 2020  >  The best gift you can give.

Common Membership Questions

Can I pay by cash?

No, we do not accept cash payments, but we do offer you a monthly payment system via Ezidebit ( which will deduct the fee from your nominated bank account on the 1st business day of each month.

Are there any other fees associated with my membership payment service?

Ezidebit Fees / Charges One Time Setup Fee – $0.00 Bank Account – $0.00 Optional SMS Reminder – $0.00 Visa/Mastercard – 2.5% (min $1.25) Amex/Diners – 4.4% (min $1.25) Failed Payment Fee – $21.90 (updated 1st Jan 2020).

Can I pay as I go?

No, this is not a casual membership group. The energy and relationships require a commitment, and depend on your regular attendance. As we are only meeting once a month our members find it easy to commit, and change their outside arrangements to suit.

If I can’t attend membership group due to illness, or if I am unavailable can my payment be paused?

No, you are required to pay for the membership group even if you choose or are unable to attend a particular session.

Can I pay in full?

Yes, we offer a discount for members who choose to pay in full for 12 months. Saving $150 (2 months for free). Payment of $750 is non-refundable and payable prior to you attending your first membership group.

What if I change my mind and don’t want to attend any more, (or can’t) but have paid for 12 months?

Your 12-month pay in full membership is non-refundable. If you are unsure that you will be able to attend, we suggest you join on the monthly payment plan.

Can I cancel my membership?

Yes, you can cancel your membership at any time, provided you give us a minimum of 1 weeks notice prior to the scheduled payment due date, in writing to

If I am going on holidays, can I pause my payment?

If you will be away for an extend period of time you can apply to have your membership put on hold, at the discretion of the director of Intuitive Reiki International.

Do you offer a concession or discounted rate?

No, unfortunately we do not offer concessions, however we do have a community Facebook page which offers you support at no charge, where you can meet with like-minded people and arrange for your own Reiki share experiences.

I have studied Reiki through another Reiki Master, can I join?

Yes, we welcome all lineages to our Reiki Membership, provided you have attained your Reiki II Certification, and supply a copy of your certification.

Are there any pre-requisites to joining the membership group?

Yes, you are required to hold a Reiki II Certification (or above) to attend the Membership Group.


Absolutely love being part of this group.  The training is fantastic, and I come away recharged and inspired every time.  Thank you all who come along and make the magic happen, and a very special thank you to Faye & Lisa, our revered hosts.
You are amazing!


Thank you members for making it so much fun to be in our space with you.  Thank you especially Lisa for creating a beautiful Centre for expression of Reiki and Love

Fay Watkins

I’m so glad I came last night, the atmosphere was great and everyone was so welcoming. It was great to meet new people and reconnect with old friends. Thank you to Christopher for the fabulous reiki session, and thank you to Lisa for bringing us all together.


I wanted to write to you today to say, thank you.  Thank you for teaching me and supporting me with Reiki and most importantly for me, I want to thank you for last night. I have been looking for a long time for a place to come where I feel comfortable. A place full of like minded souls where we can meditate, talk freely and learn. Thank you for giving me this safe place where I immediately felt comfortable and welcome. I laughed, learnt and felt at peace.  Fay your soup was lovely and it was very thoughtful.  You are both such beautiful people and I felt I was very blessed to have been in that room with all those lovely souls and you both


What an amazing experience, and to be in the company of such beautiful souls was amazing. I left last night so full of love. Today, I’m floating. Thank you Lisa, Marnie and Tenille, for your guidance and support.

Karen Bickerton

Thank you to Lisa Brandis . Such a treat to come to this group and sit in this energy. Thanks to all of you beautiful people 🙏🏼  Thank you to Marnie LeFevre and Tenille. I’m so looking forward to the workshop.  Lastly a special big thank you to Leonie Guley – you have such a talent and the messages you offered to me tonight meant so much , you really set my heart at peace 🙏🏼💗Loved it!”

Rachel Garvey

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