Become an Intuitive Reiki Master

Intuitive Reiki Master Training

Become the leader that you would like to follow!

Have you felt the calling to become an Intuitive Reiki Master and a leader in your own right?

  • Advance your Reiki skills?

  • Further accelerate your intuition and gain the skills to change lives through Reiki training

  • Learn new and exciting techniques that will further your personal and professional development?

  • Learn from the master of master’s Lisa Brandis – CEO of Intuitive Reiki International

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, then join me in this transformational workshop. Becoming a Reiki Master adds that final element to your Reiki journey, one that solidly helps you stand in authority within your Reiki practice.

Our Reiki Master Training is only offered only twice a year.

Saturday 4th & Sunday 5th May 2024 (In Room)

+ 6 months of support

This training is for IRI Reiki Practitioners who:

  • Have completed Intuitive Reiki 1 and Intuitive Reiki 2 and are ready to expand their intuition and joy in their life by becoming a Reiki Master.
  • Want to learn the advanced Reiki symbols that only the Masters know, which will bring their body, mind and spirit to a level that will increase their connection with the Reiki energy?
  • Are ready to advance their intuitive and Reiki skills to a level of expertise where they can confidently call themselves a Reiki Master.
  • Are ready to “step up” in their practice and become an authority, leader and guide in Reiki.

Becoming a Reiki Master is the last step to completing your Reiki training and the first step of your Master journey in being of service to humanity, and should not be taken lightly. When you become a Master of Reiki you are given all the tools to fully serve from your most authentic and highest self.

If you also wish to teach or be a mentor of Reiki, as a Reiki Master you will have the skills, and knowledge to professionally do so.

Certified Intuitive Reiki Master

6-month Intuitive Reiki Master Program

After completing your two-day Intuitive Reiki Master Workshop, you will be invited to stand by Lisa’s side as one of her Reiki Master Trainees in Lisa’s highly popular and sold out Reiki workshops for a six-month period. Attendance at 2 Reiki I Workshops and 2 Reiki II Workshops as a Master Trainee forms part of your Reiki Master Qualification.

The workshops will give you the opportunity to participate in giving attunements with Lisa and to hold intimate discussions with the students as a way to develop your confidence and nurture the teacher within.

Plus you’ll also step into your new role as a Reiki Master Trainee at our Monthly Intuitive Reiki Membership Group. Be a part of a team that prides itself on compassion and professionalism as you continue on your own personal path of spiritual awakening.

Personal Benefits

  • Accelerated healing

  • Learning new techniques and knowledge which will add value to your healing abilities.
  • Attunement to the Master level –learning new symbols and receiving additional tools that will allow you to be of greater service to your loved ones and the community.

  • Personal Growth – As you open to the powerful Reiki energy on a spiritual basis, you gain universal tools that will assist you to release programs, beliefs and patterns that are holding you back from being the best version of yourself.  Many take the Reiki Master training with just this in mind.

Professional Benefits

  • Nationally IICT approved certification and recognition as an authority in Reiki by the general public.

  • Increased credibility.

  • Support in setting up your Reiki practice.

  • The knowledge that you have been highly trained by a leading expert with over 15 years of professional experience.

Course Benefits

  • Review of the basic teachings of Reiki level I & II.

  • Further your knowledge of traditional and modern Reiki practices.

  • Learn and integrate the traditional and non-traditional Master symbols and discover their application.

  • Receive the advanced Master attunement.

  • Learn 2 additional non-traditional symbols and their application.

  • Instruction and practice on how to give Reiki attunements.

  • Develop concise understanding and confidence in facilitating the three levels of attunement.

  • Find the teacher within and ways to develop your own unique teaching style.

Plus…You’ll Receive

  • A comprehensive Reiki Master Workbook.

  • Information on joining professional Reiki Associations and details on Insurance/legislation requirements.

  • Phone and/or email support by Lisa Brandis, as required, for a six-month period.


Acceptance into our training program requires completion of the following programs:

IRI Reiki 1 Workshop – Successfully completed our 2-day Intuitive Reiki 1 Workshop with IRI and received certification.

IRI Reiki 2 Workshop – Successfully completed our comprehensive 2-day Intuitive Reiki practitioner workshop with IRI and received certification.

Documented and completed 10 student practice sessions.

Abide by our code of ethics.

Many of Lisa’s Reiki Master Students have gone on to create successful Reiki Practices and continue to enjoy being supported by Lisa.

Our Reiki Master training teaches you how to market your Reiki practice. Package & position yourself in the market so that you can attract your ideal clients. Build a thriving Reiki practice so you can help others, make money doing what you love.


Our New Virtual Classroom – Testimonials

This was a joyous and powerful opportunity for personal growth. The course provided much more than expected – there is a balance between spiritual growth, through gaining knowledge and experience of Reiki on a higher level, as well as skills to teach others and set-up a professional business.  Thank you for providing a loving, safe, and nurturing environment – even though it had to be online – for us to learn, share, and grow in our spiritual journey.

Kathryn Turner testimonial

10 out of 10. I think Lisa has adapted her course amazingly well. I don’t think I would change anything about Lisa’s teaching style/method/techniques.

The whole Reiki experience for me has been one of the most exciting and fulfilling journeys of my life. It has given me the courage, tenacity, and determination to carry on when I thought all was lost. This was a road I was always meant to travel and I will be eternally grateful to Lisa for showing me the light and love and for guiding me on my way. If we are facing in the right direction….all we have to do is keep on walking (Ancient Buddhist proverb).

Kathryn Turner

10 out of 10!  The experience attained was not just a training but a preparation for a journey.  Thank you.


I enjoyed taking my journey to the next level and I’m excited to see where this takes me, I have been taken out of my comfort zone by doing it online, and I feel great that I was able to succeed at that.

Wendy Holdaway

Doing the Reiki Masters online was a great experience. Lisa has a great work structure that runs smoothly and everything is covered in the workbook. There’s time to ask questions and have them answered. Practicing the Reiki attunements was relaxing as it was a one on one, then we all came back together to talk about our experiences. I loved Masters Training.

Karina Leahy

In-Room Workshop Testimonials

I found Lisa’s method and style of teaching Reiki to be engaging and enlightening while her use of well developed intuition gave it a unique perspective lacking in more traditional Reiki teachings. With the skills that Lisa teaches in her classes every student has the opportunity to further develop their intuition to expand their use of Reiki on themselves and others and to encourage personal and professional growth so that the full power of Reiki can flow through each and every one of us.
Thank you , Lisa.

Virginia Linke
Joel Hogan

Thanks, Lisa for an amazing opportunity to wholehearted experience of becoming a Reiki Master!  It’s been a magical journey and I feel like it is only the beginning.  Thank you especially for your guidance, intuition, and love, it’s truly been a blessing

Joel Hogan

I have attended Lisa’s Reiki I & II programs and am now excitedly studying my Reiki Masters training. Lisa is a wonderful mentor and teacher and has make this journey soul expanding and fun. The personal growth you gain is a bonus on top of learning how to practise and teach wonderful Reiki.

Kim Reid

It has been a pleasure to watch you grow and develop with us, Lisa. I am inspired to learn and develop to be authentic, nurturing and successful in business – being just like you!  Thank you and I look forward to an exciting journey ahead


This Master Training exceeded my expectations!  It was humbling, beautiful, confronting, challenging and just…. LOVE!  Thank you.

Denise Collier

An amazing experience – That not only attuned me to the Master level but planted the seeds of the more expansive journey to come! I am so excited with what is to come and feel so blessed to have had you as my Reiki Master Lisa.

Rachel Western

The sacredness of Reiki has been absolutely wonderful.  I have enjoyed the Master Training immensely.  Lisa is a wonderful teacher and I am thankful to the Universe for guiding me to her.  Love you Lisa

Tracy King

Lisa is incredibly dedicated in her practice and her teaching.  Her classes are well structured, thorough and most of all FUN!  Her constant joyful persona is welcoming and provides a secure but nurturing learning environment.  Her years of experience are invaluable, as she provides the highest possible quality of training.  The love and joy she emirates is nothing short of a blessing to all she comes across.  Thank you, Lisa, for this magical experience.

Liz Smith

Fantastic connection and showering of love and high vibrational energy. Thank you

Kay Mutch

Lisa is a beautiful, kind and gentle teacher who shares pure joy and passion in her teaching of Reiki and energy.  It has been an incredible journey becoming a Reiki Master with Lisa’s guidance and expanding my energy, connecting with my intuition and growing in my confidence.  I am filled with gratitude and love.  Thank you, Lisa!

Vanessa Harris

Thank you beautiful Lisa.  It is always a pleasure to learn from you.  I feel blessed to have found you and have you as my teacher, guiding my way into the bright future is waiting for me.

Valeria Zanotto

WOOHOO I’m a Reiki Master!

Now that I have had time to digest becoming a Reiki Master (my week went a bit pear-shaped when my son broke his wrist) I wanted to express my gratitude to Lisa Brandis, an extremely talented Master and compassionate woman. It has actually been very interesting in the last few days because my children have been asking for Reiki. Cam’s wrist was hurting so we Reiki’d him for 20 minutes and the pain went away (helps with swelling and healing) and Bronte has had a cold and she crawled into bed with me last night and asked if I could run Reiki on her to help. They both love it! This is huge for 13 and 16-year-olds I feel. It really does bring a family closer together which has surprised and delighted me. I’m really interested to see how fast Camden’s wrist heals too. We have been doing 20 minutes twice a day together.

Lisa also teaches Intuitive Reiki which means that you get intuitive messages (sometimes) for the person having Reiki.  I find it hard to receive messages with family members but if it is someone I don’t know then intuition seems to flood in. For instance, I was running energy on a woman, in a monthly group Lisa holds to help you practice your Reiki, and a picture of wheat blowing in the wind popped into my head. It was very clear and made no sense to me but I shared what I saw and it made a lot of sense to her.  She explained that my description was where she grew up. I continued to describe more pictures that came and by the end of the session, she was in tears. She explained it was exactly what she needed to hear that day. Amazing! What a gift to be able to do that for another person. She worked out their meaning, not me. I wasn’t being anything other than a messenger running (her) healing energy. So beautiful.

Energy healing is fascinating!

Marnie LeFevre

I felt an overwhelming draw to learn Reiki to heal myself and others, gain a deeper understanding of my own spiritual nature.  We met and after a brief discussion about this wonderful system and its benefits I knew you are the perfect teacher for me I resonated with your spiritual teachings & loved your warm kind and fun attitude enrolling in your Reiki I Workshop October 2012.  Has now been almost 2 years since then, I have been blessed to have followed your guidance joined with most of my fellow Reiki I channels who all felt such joy, love & healing into your Reiki II Practitioner workshop.

Every level was an amazing and profound experience magically choreographed by yourself with a desire that we all feel the deep connection to our true selves and the universal energy and to come away with hearts full of joy.  You succeeded!  I felt so enamored by your teaching & of nature, this healing system allows physically, emotionally & spiritually also seeing the results in fellow channels I decided to enroll in Reiki Master training and glad you accepted.

This was an enormous evolution for me, the attunement was a sacred divine connection words struggle to portray.  The training was a gorgeous experience small and large workshops, all unique events, assisting with attunements a special pleasure & privilege, often some major releases experienced after beautiful guided meditations, to see individuals blossom after a weekend workshop was thoroughly enjoyable, and a catalyst which further encouraged me to become a Reiki & spiritual teacher.

I am always in gratitude of your ongoing support, what a pleasure to see you share your love and appreciation for Reiki and the creating of new channels, I have met some many beautiful friends also draw to your warm loving nature and knowledge of the Usui Reiki system always look forward to participating in monthly development groups & will highly  encourage any being to experience your healing hands & heart.

Chris Hunt

I have completed my Reiki Master training with Lisa and am so happy and excited to have learned so much invaluable information that will help me in my own journey through this beautiful lifetime but also the tools and ability to share this amazing gift of Reiki to others in my life. “When we look after ourselves excellently everyone around us benefits” this is a quote that comes to mind after working on my own spiritual growth and can now help so many others. Lisa’s passion and excitement for Reiki and healing come through her teaching and is so contagious, the feeling of pure love and joy carries on much after class.  Namaste, my eternal appreciation,

Katie Tweddle

Thank You Lisa for providing such a comprehensive program! Taught with her gorgeous down to earth personality she offered practicality, compassion, amazing spiritual wisdom, guidance, and insight.  Her thorough knowledge of Reiki, intuitive nature and holistic approach, meant Lisa provided everything I was looking for in a Reiki III Program plus more!  Her style of teaching made it really easy for me to absorb the program, I now feel like I’ve completed a full circle! Such a gift for me, to have Lisa facilitate my final Reiki level and I look forward to attending her future workshops and am so pleased I have the opportunity to receive future learning from her. Thank you Lisa – Thank you!

Sandra Garvey

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