BeautifulInner LovePeaceHarmony White Light Reiki Meditation Mp3

White  Light


Welcome to IRI Meditations

I produced this white light guided meditation for you to download or play for free to help you to move out of fear and into the warmth of your own soul’s love. I know that like myself, many of us are experiencing waves of doubt and uncertainty during this difficult time and now more than ever is the time to turn to your own personal practice of Reiki.  Even if you haven’t learnt Reiki yet you can still benefit from the progressive relaxation that you will be guided to experience.

Let my voice calm and soothe you into your own place of peace and let the love of Reiki wash over your body and return your mind, body and spirit back to a place of peace.

You can use this meditation at any time throughout your day or listen to it as a gentle way to drift off to sleep.

I hope that my gift to you brings you and your loved ones so much peace and comfort.

Holding you in my heart,

With great love,

Lisa x

Accredited Reiki Courses & Intuitive Healing Certification