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Join Lisa Brandis To Discover… how to safely connect with your higher-self, spirit & ancestors in a safe & supported way.

Experience more connection, happiness, and joy than you ever thought possible.

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Before we delve into the details of our course, let’s make sure it’s the perfect fit for you!

Our transformative bootcamp offers a comprehensive, step-by-step approach to channeling, drawing insights from decades of experience.

This course is designed for:

Beginners eager to grasp the foundational principles of channelling.

Advanced seekers looking to deepen their connection with spirit guides and enhance their psychic and mediumship skills.

Healers and lightworkers seeking to nurture their intuitive gifts to elevate their healing practices.

Those on a journey to uncover their life’s purpose and catalyse positive transformations.

Individuals who experience self-doubt, want to increase confidence and develop their spiritual & intuitive abilities.

Anyone seeking a supportive community of like-minded souls, connecting in a safe environment where you are nurtured to reach your unique goals.

If you’re seeking a nurturing environment that gently guides you through the process of connecting with your guides in a safe and supportive manner, you’re in the right place.

We’re here to support you every step of the way, ensuring a nurturing and safe journey towards embracing your innate abilities.

What is Channeling?

Channeling represents a natural mode of communication bridging the gap between humans and the spiritual realm. It involves a harmonious partnership between the high-level guide, the channel, or sometimes both, working together in mutual cooperation.

Discover the Benefits that Learning to Connect to Spirit Offers

Are you ready to unlock the power of your intuition and take your spiritual journey to the next level? Join us for an immersive and transformative experience at our ‘Connecting to Spirit’ Bootcamp!

In this fun and informative bootcamp, you’ll embark on a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and spiritual growth. Through a series of interactive sessions, guided exercises, and practical techniques, you’ll begin the journey of learning how to awaken your innate intuitive abilities and tap into clear guidance from within.

Each session will delve deep into the principles of intuition, self-awareness, and personal empowerment. You’ll uncover the secrets to accessing your intuitive wisdom, gaining clarity on your life’s purpose, and navigating your spiritual path with confidence.

Whether you’re a seasoned practitioner or new to the world of intuition, this bootcamp is designed to meet you where you are and support you on your journey of awakening. Join our vibrant community of like-minded souls and empower yourself to live a life aligned with

your highest truth.

Don’t miss this opportunity to accelerate your intuition, transform your life, and awaken to your fullest potential. Secure your spot in the ‘Connecting to Spirit’ Bootcamp and awaken your potential.

A Message from Lisa Brandis:

Having immersed myself in the realms of intuition and energy for over 15 years, I’ve experienced firsthand the transformative power of channeling. I’ve been fortunate to channel my guide, Anya, and unlock a wealth of higher guidance.
However, my journey into channeling wasn’t immediate. It required dedication and exploration. Yet, once I embarked on this path, it opened doors to a universe of wisdom and insight beyond measure. My aim now is to share this profound journey with you.
That’s why I’ve meticulously designed an extraordinary course to teach you the art of channeling. I’m thrilled to guide you through this transformative experience and help you unlock your own intuitive potential.

Lisa Brandis, Founder of Intuitive Reiki International.

What you’ll Learn:

  • Private Facebook Group Opens

    Opens: 27th February 2024

    Gain ongoing support through a private Facebook group facilitated by Lisa for questions, discussions, and assistance between weekly classes.

  • Welcome Party:

    28th February 2024

    Introduce yourself and start connecting with like-minded people who are also embarking on their spiritual journey.

  • Training #1 – Unlock Your Intuitive Power: Shed Doubts and Fear, Embrace Channeling Abilities

    Date: Thursday 29th February 2024

    Time: 4pm – 5pm AWST


    Discover the real reasons behind why healers and lightworkers face challenges and fail, revealing insights that go beyond the traditional belief that people have to be gifted to successfully connect to spirit.

    Gain access to a potent tool, the “Creating Affirmations that Work” enabling you to get clear on what you want from your spiritual journey.

    ​2 crucial decisions you must make today that’ll set you up to succeed in connecting to high-level guidance and wisdom that comes from within.

  • Training #2: Who are you connecting with when you learn how to channel?

    Date: 3rd March 2024

    Time: 9am – 10am AWST (Perth)


    ​​The secret that I used to build a company that’s been profitable for 20 years and changed thousands of lives.

    ​The #1 skill you MUST have in order to skyrocket your intuition and develop a powerful tool that creates more joy for yourself and others.

    ​How to handle self-doubt and the inner critic that slows down your progress and achieving your goals.

What’s also included:

  • Training #3 – Special Training – Live Masterclass: Next Level Intuition: How to get clear and accurate guidance from within. Even if you’re a beginner

    DATE: Thursday 7th March 2024

    TIME: 5:30 pm AWST (Perth)

    This session consolidates all that you have learned in the first two training classes and gives you the next step if you want to awaken and develop a powerful connection to your inner wisdom that guides you on your journey. I share some of the most inspiring stories where students have overcome fear and started a business helping others through energy healing and intuitive guidance.

  • Networking and Support: Connect with like-minded individuals who share your passion for energy healing and spiritual growth, forming a supportive community.

Get Ready for More…


Establishing a connection with your inner wisdom and the spirit guides that are here to support you can put you on the path to deeper and more meaningful connections. When you can connect from a place of love and security the healing and transformation that can take place in your life is profound and some would say opens you to miracles.


No more feeling stress and anxious without knowing how to bounce out of feelings of overwealm and disconnection. Choose an active practice that leads to greater fulfilment, and a happiness that comes from within rather than being subject to needing others to uplift you to feel good. Learn how to master your emotions so that you can choose happiness actively and live the life you’ve always dreamed of.


Wake up excited. Spend the majority of time in alignment with source. With the right support, you’ll experience even more energy, success and joy!

Free Gift #1

Official Connecting with Spirit Bootcamp Digital Workbook

Value $47

Each day of the bootcamp, you’ll be given a simple action step that you’ll need to complete in order to set the foundation for your channelling experience.

This digital workbook is your companion to the training and will reinforce what you learn during the 14 days.
It’s packed with helpful tips, insider tools and and step-by-step guide to help you connect with your higher-self.

Here’s A Recap Of EVERYTHING You’ll Get When You Join The Bootcamp Today!

3 Live Video Training sessions with Lisa & Replay Access

Value $497

Access to the Private “Bootcampers Only” Community

Value $97

Free Gift #1: Connecting to Spirit Bootcamp Workbook

Value $47

Free Gift #2: Discovering the Essence of Surrender Masterclass

Valued at $47

Free Gift #3: Trust & Boundaries Masterclass

Valued at $47

Total Value: $735

Normal Price: $197

Today Only: $27

"Channeling grants access to an insightful internal guide, removing the necessity to seek answers from outside sources"


Normal Price: $197.00 | Save 86%

Just $27 Today

Here’s What Customers Had To Say About My Other Masterclass...

Lisa has created a beautifully supportive container for the group to safely explore connecting with guides, trusting our inner guidance systems (intuition) and building creativity throughout the process. She is a nurturing, generous and wise spiritual mentor and I look forward to learning more from her through other courses and events.

Hayley Meyer

The learning to channel course with Lisa is perfect for anyone wanting to learn techniques to connect with their guides and to have the awesome experience of channeling them.  After completing the course I now know how my guides feel to me I can trust my intuition more.

Linda Jane
Jeanette Howes

Lisa has dedicated many years to developing her course manuals and materials so that students can continually build upon their own knowledge gained through her training with the Usui System of Natural Healing with rising Levels of Reiki, Intuition, and Channeling. Lisa has always aspired to be intuitively led by Spirit and teaches that with students in all Healing programs.

Jeanette Howes
The Attunement was the most amazing experience

Completing the Level 1 Learn to Channel Course was such a joy. Having stumbled into channelling through a meditation class I was attending, I was looking for a course and teacher that could walk me through the steps from the beginning. I really enjoyed the different tools in which we could tap into that intuitive place as this really helped when it came to the channeling part. The group energy was also wonderful and I felt supported by the others in the group as well as Lisa (and Anya!).

Sarah Z

Lisa’s way of teaching is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. She’s a powerful, authentic, and nurturing woman who truly knows how to make a space feel safe for everybody. Before this course, I had so much self-doubt. I felt I wasn’t “spiritual enough” to be a channel. But by the end of this course, I had managed to meet my spirit guides and even got a clearly channeled message. You will not only walk away being more spiritually enlightened, you will also walk away with new and deeper connections with those in the group. Thank you so much for opening this new pathway Lisa, now I can’t stop connecting with my guides! Much Love Teira Unuwai x

Teira Unuwai

Lisa’s learn to channel course was beautifully facilitated and tailored to the group in a way that left the experience as one that resonated with all as a whole. I leave this course feeling confident in my natural abilities and a greater understanding of how to channel spirit for my highest good. Thank you, Lisa.

Larissa Dundon

I have loved every minute of this learn to channel class. I came into this class not knowing how to connect with my guides, now I feel I can connect and build a beautiful connection to my guides.

Karina Leahy

I highly recommend Lisa's "Learn to chanel' course. Lisa creates a beautiful safe space to learn and her abundance of knowledge she shares is amazing. I felt supported and guided throughout the course and have made some wonderful friends.

Fiona Greenlaw

Completing the Learn to Channel course with Lisa has helped me strengthen my connection with my guides! Thank you so much Lisa for creating such a safe, comforting and love-filled space.

Resham Mehta

I loved Lisa's Learn to channel course, just because I felt secure and loved at the same time, by people who were all beautiful souls, no judgment just taking you for what you are.

Julie Hellwig
Kathryn Turner testimonial

10 out of 10!. I think Lisa is an excellent teacher and despite the course being turned on its head due to the health restrictions we now have in place, Lisa adapted very quickly and provided much-needed support and guidance in what is a very difficult time. Adapting the course so the group was still able to connect was very important. So well done Lisa for making that happen via the internet. Thank you also for going that extra mile and enquiring about my health and offering reiki and good energy when I needed it.

Kathryn Turner

Lisa is so down to earth, authentic and has such a nurturing energy. I felt she gave me full permission to be myself and to fully embrace where i am in my journey no matter where everyone else is. She always gives me a hug when i arrive and when i leave. In week 5 i had my first amazing channel experience where Lisa held loving, safe space for me. She taught me about channeling through the framework AND through experience. If you have ever wanted to connect with your guides, and even channel them in real time while meeting like minded people that become your family then sign up for Lisa's channeling course! xoxo

Rebecca Worrall

After completing the Learn to channel course I feel more connected to my guides and true source.  Lisa is a fun loving being, down to earth and has a huge loving heart ready to help and share her knowledge with her pupils that become friends she provides a secure loving environment.  It was a wonderful experience, with like minded people, that form friendships at the end of the course, loved it....


The teaching you get with Lisa is always fresh and new. She teaches from the heart and no 2 courses are the same. It feels very natural and intimate. Lisa guides and encourages every group of participants in a way that's new and fits perfectly.  I have achieved to strengthen my abilities beyond what I had anticipated and have loved both the course itself and the amazing and supportive group of beautiful people I got to share this experience with.

Andrea Dettinger

If you’ve ever felt drawn to learning how to channel, but for whatever reason have held yourself back, please do your soul a favour and sign up! Lisa has such a wonderful ability to guide and allow each individual to really learn how to channel in a beautifully safe environment. She holds space for you to discover how it feels, and gives you the confidence to really give it a go. You really have so much to gain from this course and you’ll be so glad that you did. Thank you Lisa❤️ LC


Through doing Lisa's Channeling course I came to realise that this is a skill that we all can learn . You do not have to be Spiritually evolved or have been a Psychic all your life . All you need is patience and a strong desire to make the connection with your Guides by learning to raise your vibration so that you can sense, see or hear the messages given from the higher realms. It is not something to be feared, rather something to be embraced as the more we can connect with our inner guidance, intuition, the more we can see life in a more positive way.By doing this course I was able to deepen that connection and build on my trust with my Guides thus allowing me to follow my inner guidance more. I loved learning about automatic writing and this is something that I will continue as the guidance I receive is quite profound as well as bringing a lot of joy.

Kerry Simpson

Lisa is an inspiring beautiful soul. She has helped me develop and deepen my connection in a safe, fun loving environment. I didn’t really have any expectations prior but I feel that this course has placed me further on my path. I actually surprised myself!

Thanks Lisa

Sonja Richardson

Loved this course, an amazing experience to be with such a supportive group and to witness so many experiences connecting with spirit.

Vicki Campbell
Wendy Kushini

It was an eye opener for me. It was an amazing experience.

Kushini Wendy Veeriah-Conhyedass

I loved doing Lisa's Learn to Channel course. The class was fun, yet there was great content and structure. I always felt supported by Lisa and well-guided using her methods.  Plus the guidance given to me during partnership exercises was invaluable in that it prodded me to go deeper within myself. The messages others gave was also enlightening and resonated with me. I also learned that channeling is a natural ability and we can all do it if we so desire. I learned much more than I expected.

Fay Watkins

Fay Watkins

I was just always so excited to go to the channel course each Wednesday, I especially loved the guided meditation and what messages came from them. Thank you so much Lisa for giving me more confidence in my abilities and helping me with connection to guides of all forms.

I enjoyed strengthening my connection to my Spirit Guide and developing my confidence in giving and receiving messages

Sarah Hatcher

Online Training - Lisa Brandis, I can’t thank you enough for everything you are teaching us, and especially this week…. it was exactly what I needed. I feel like I’ve stepped forward and up. I am feeling so much more connected to my Guide(s), I feel her and am beginning to see her.

Peta Copley

Channeled message from my spirit guide Anya. I hope you find it helpful

Frequently Asked Questions – Channelling2022-07-16T20:03:15+08:00


Q – Can I learn how to channel & develop my own intuition? 
A – Yes we have a course designed to support you to open and trust your intuition.  “Learn to Channel”.  Is a 6-week online course.  You can learn how to trust your intuition, and connect to high-level guidance yourself in a safe, fun and interactive space, from the comfort of your own home. You can read about our Learn to Channel Course here.

Q – Are there any courses that you will be promoting?

A – Yes I will share information about our upcoming workshops but you are under no obligation to attend.  This is a free event that was designed to assist you during these times of change and uncertainty as well as feel the blessing of the collective energy.   

Q – Can I invite a friend?

A – Yes we would love you to share the event link as they will need to register for the event so they can gain access to their unique zoom link.

Q – Will you add me to your mailing list?

A – Yes as part of your registration you will be added to our mailing list, you can unsubscribe at any time by clicking the link at the bottom of all our emails.

Q – Do I need to prepare a question before the event? 

A – Yes it is advised that you come prepared to get the most out of this experience.

Q – Will everyone get a reading?  

A – No due to the number of people who attend we are unable to guarantee you will get a personal reading, however, many students find Anya answers their questions in-directly via other readings.

Contact us if you have questions or would like to learn more

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