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Why Learning Reiki can make your family happy

Imagine yourself waking in the morning and starting the day by giving yourself Reiki and focusing on one of the Reiki principles – “just for today, be grateful for your many blessings.” With a new focus, you begin to think about your family and something about them that you are grateful for.  It could be the cup of tea that your husband makes for you, or the perfect health and well-being of your children.  Such thoughts fill your heart with positive emotions.  Your brain responds to these impulses and in turn, regulates your body to be in a state of wellbeing and peace.  Your energy field is magnetic and you begin radiating and attracting positive energy throughout your day, attracting only those experiences which reflect the same energy within your magnetic field – positive opportunities and experiences that might otherwise have not been available to you.  Not only do the positive emotions attract positive experiences, but your immune system is also given an energy boost as well!


I remember an incident I had with my husband, Gerald a few years ago that demonstrates the effect living by the Reiki principles and heart coherence has on our experiences.  We had arrived home from work.  Both of us had a very challenging and frustrating day, so we decided to go for a walk before dinner, thinking it would make us feel better.  As we walked out the door, we weren’t in the best of moods, to say the least, and we began to complain about the events of the day.  Before I knew it, I started to notice Gerald and I were walking totally out of sync.  He was walking far too fast for me, which made me even more annoyed than I already was.  At the same time, whenever I asked him to slow down, he became increasingly more frustrated.  As a result, we ended up walking separately and in silence for most of the way home.  Living by the Reiki principles was obviously not on the forefront of our minds, and it showed. We were totally out of alignment physically and emotionally.  When we arrived home, we didn’t feel any better.  In fact, we felt worse than when we left.


Reiki helps minimize stress

When you have anger or stress bubbling away under the surface, using reiki as a regular practice can help minimize this stress and the impact it has on our daily activities.  As you can see from the example above, even the simple act of walking can be disrupted by negative emotions.


The next day, feeling much happier after our working day, we again decided to go for a walk.  This time it was different.  During our walk, we reflected on all the positives of the day and talked about how blessed we were.  There was no anger.  There was no worry.  Our hearts were open and coherent, and it showed.


The Heart Field Coherence

When the heart is open and we are feeling the joy of positive emotion, the heart creates a field of coherence.  We were energetically connected and in sync when we walked.


Gerald and I were in perfect sync with no one walking in the front and no one lagging – just walking and talking in rhythm and in tune with each other.  Unlike the day before, we even noticed the beauty of the trees and the singing of the birds.  When we returned home, we felt inspired, uplifted and loved.


Reiki stimulates positive emotions and helps you to connect with others and deepens your connection with yourself.  It requires you to slow down from the demands of life and to be present in each moment, allowing your heart to open and to feel the magnetic field of others.  At the same time, those around you can sense and be influenced by your magnetic field of positivity.  Reiki increases your ability to connect and interact in meaningful ways with others.  In addition, by emitting the energy of love and acceptance, you can allow greater healing to take place.  The effect of Reiki is palpable, as many of my clients report having better relationships, having more time and patience with others and experiencing better overall well-being through Reiki.


The Heartmath Institute has documented studies demonstrating that each person’s thoughts feelings and intentions can feed the field with more positivity when we do this.  The heart’s magnetic field shifts our emotions and can change the energy within and around us.


Let Reiki shine on you and your loved ones and create even more happy families.  You have already learned that you can use Reiki to set positive intentions for your day, following are my top 10 tips on other ways you can use Reiki to help yourself and your family.


Top 10 tips on how you can use Reiki in your home:

Let Reiki shine on you and your loved ones and create even more happy families. You have already learned that you can use Reiki to set positive intentions for your day, following are my top 10 tips on other ways you can use Reiki to help yourself and your family.

    1. Give yourself & your children Reiki at bedtime
    2. Take a warm nurturing Reiki bath
    3. Make a cup of freshly brewed Reiki Tea
    4. Give your plants Reiki when you water them
    5. Animals love Reiki especially when they are cuddly and sleepy
    6. Reiki your meals and practice gratitude for the meal you’re going to eat
    7. Reiki infused water adds more health and vitality
    8. Reiki inspired walks where you are present with nature and your waling partner
    9. Reiki yourself to sleep will help with insomnia
    10. Set powerful intentions in the morning when you give yourself reiki


Are you ready to learn Reiki and inspire more happiness in your home?

Ask your friends and help share all the amazing and in many cases, life-changing ways Reiki benefits us all.

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