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Guess What!  as it turns out support is VERY important

We recently moved into our dream home and after only a couple of weeks our roof started to cave in!

With a 3 year old house, you wouldn’t expect there to be anything to worry about, however when the roof was first built, clearly there were some foundational issues that we weren’t aware of.

I was thinking about how this is actually a great metaphor for life.  When we don’t have solid foundations – with time, things start to fail.

I was hanging out the washing when I looked up and noticed that the eaves had separated from the wall, which was a bit strange.  There was a rather large gap, big enough for me to see into the roof cavity.  My first thought – oh no, now all the creepy crawlies can make a comfy home in my roof.

When my husband came home and had a look, he was not happy.  “This is not good babe!”

We wandered across the road to discover that the house had taken our new ‘beach theme’ a little too literally, as the roof hand started to create a very large ’tile wave’.

Luckily for us the house is still under builders warranty and my husband is a drafting manager at a very large building company.  We made the calls – got all the right people out, (yes there were some sleepless nights, and a few stressful days leading to this very moment) and thankfully, it’s nearly all sorted.

This whole experience got me thinking about what happens when you ignore or suppress your emotions. So what happens when the rafters of life start to fall down, and small things start to bother us.  When sleep evades us and stress overwhelms us?  We can suffer through or we can call an expert, to assist us with our problems.

How did we get to this point?  Not really as important as discovering the path back to alignment and to our happy strong and stable foundations once more.  That’s where my skills come in.  I have been teaching and practicing as a Reiki Master and a Spiritual Intuitive for the past 12 years and have added Hypnotherapy to my tool box.  With clear intuition and a caring approach, working with the brilliance of the mind; together we can make the changes needed to align you your strength and stability once more.

Not feeling unbalanced?  That’s okay – keep me in mind when you feel like you need some extra support, or feel free to share the love with a friend who may need some re-aligning.

To say thank you to you all for your continued support and love:


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Be prepared for some powerful changes to happen, when you are supported in your growth, love and alignment.

Much love, Lisa x 

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Lisa Brandis
Author: Lisa Brandis

Lisa Brandis is the Founder and Director of Intuitive Reiki International and is Australia’s first Intuitive Reiki Master and Teacher. She is highly sought after for her practical spiritual teachings and transformative energy healings. Lisa holds the vision to inspire, educate, and empower others to make a difference in the world using their intuition and the practice of Reiki.