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What Crystals are used for Reiki?

Working with crystals can help us to connect with our client and are one of many tools that can easily be incorporated into a Reiki session. In this article, you’ll learn how to use crystals in a Reiki session.  Discover where to place the crystals on the body and who the best person is to pick the crystal for your client, you or your client? Below are some of the different ways that you can work crystals into your healing sessions.

Self Healing

Place a crystal on your body to help you relax and meditate.   Start your self Reiki session and relax and enjoy the many benefits of giving yourself Reiki.

The 7 Best Crystals for Meditation



  1. LEMURIAN CRYSTAL is said to contain knowledge from an ancient civilization and can help you acquire knowledge in meditation.
  2. CLEAR QUARTZ As an allrounder, clear quartz works to open your crown chakra and can help you to align to your higher wisdom and connect with your spirit guides.
  3. SELENITE is said to be a powerful healing crystal that promotes peace and calm, mental clarity, and well-being.
  4. AMETHYST is a very popular crystal and many begin working with it for that reason. It is considered one of the most powerful and protective stones. It is known for spiritual protection and for cleansing one’s energy field.
  5. ROSE QUARTZ Connects your heart to the earth and the whole cosmos. (“Rose Quartz: Meaning, Healing Properties and Powers”) It’s also known as the stone of universal love, restoring trust and harmony in relationships, encouraging unconditional love.
  6. SMOKEY QUARTZ can be used to relax and ground yourself.  Associated with the root chakra. Meditating with this crystal can make you feel calm, relaxed and balanced.  Great when stress is starting to overwhelm you.
  7. CITRINE – Brings optimism and cheerfulness. If you like the feeling of basking in the sun then you’ll love working with citrine. It’s a great stone for aligning all the chakras. It also helps to balance the solar plexus chakra, which in turn integrates the lower and higher chakras.

Crystals to help you to focus

When working, place a crystal that is known for improving concentration on your desk.  According to my, the top best crystals to help you focus are Blue sapphire; Hematite; Sodalite; Clear Quartz; Fluorite; Tiger’s eye; Malachite; Smoky quartz; Amazonite; Amethyst.

Should we choose the crystal for our client?

It really is a personal choice but I feel that it’s more empowering for our clients to choose which one they feel drawn to use on a particular day.  With tumbled crystals being inexpensive, it is easy to select a range of crystals for your client to choose from.  You may even like to offer it to your client to keep or purchase following a session if that feels right for you, and is a great little bonus when they see you for Reiki.

Combining Reiki and Crystals

I read an article recently where the author felt that Reiki as a modality should not be blended with any other modalities.  The example that was given was if Reiki was a cup of tea.  When we are drinking the tea, the Reiki is able to be experienced, just like the tea.  However, if we were then to add orange juice to the tea we would then have changed it from the original form and now we have a drink that has been spoiled by the blending.  I can see the point that this person was making, but I disagree with the metaphor when I think about the different modalities that myself or my students have combined with Reiki eg:  massage, crystals, essential oils, kinesiology, angel cards, mediumship & channelling are all modalities that in my opinion blend really well with Reiki and can only enhance the session and what we as practitioners can offer our clients.

I have given it lots of thought and I believe there are many things that are enhanced by the right kind of blend and when chosen wisely the right kind of blend can enhance the original method.  I personally feel that Reiki and crystals work really well together, do you?

When I have added crystals to the session, by gently placing one my client chooses on their body, I’ve found that the client also gets the benefit of the energy of the crystal.

Who is the best person to choose the crystal to work with?  I like to ask my clients to choose which crystal, if any, they would like me to use in their session.


Selecting your healing crystals

You can choose to work with a small number of crystals that over time you will get to know really well.  Start with 5 – 10 and spend some time understanding the properties and the healing that they can bring to your session.

Working with crystals is fun and can give your client a point of reference to open communication.

Although using crystals as a healing modality isn’t supported by science, you can still give them a try as long as you are realistic about what they can and can’t do for you.  Please make sure you consult with a qualified medical professional as working with crystals should never replace medical treatment.


What is your favorite crystal?

Share in the comments below if you love crystals or if you don’t feel they should be used with Reiki, let me know your reason why.


You can learn so much about the healing properties of crystals in the following books and oracle cards, here are a few that I personally recommend:

  • The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall
  • Liquid Crystal Oracle Set – Cards & Guidebook – Justin Moikeha Asar
  • Astral Realms Crystal Oracle – Card or Card Deck – Leah Shoman
  • The Crystal Directory – Sarah Bartlett
  • Daily Crystal Inspiration – Heather Askinosie
  • Crystal Angels 444
  • Healing with the Divine Power of Heaven & Earth – By Alana Fairchild (“Crystal Angels 444: Healing with the Divine Power of …”)
  • The Crystal Wisdom Healing Oracle – Judy Hall




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