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How Reiki can help you to stop worrying – 5 Reiki Principles

At the very heart of the Reiki system of healing, there are five guiding principles that you can introduce into your daily life. Mikao Usui, Reiki Founder, taught that when you make the decision to practice Reiki and to live by these principles, you are better able to live in balance, find alignment and happiness.

The principles are:

Just for today…

I will not worry

I will not anger

I will be grateful

I will do my work honestly

I will be kind to every living thing

Just for Today – Reiki and Mindfulness

“Just for Today” is a reminder to be in the present moment as much as you can.

I like to think of it as a gentle reminder that if we are living life through the confines of our mind, either hanging onto the past or worrying about the future, we can miss out on so much beauty that exists in life, here and now.  For instance, I’m sure you’ve had the experience in which you were so focused on the chatter of your thoughts that you failed to notice the world around you; your attention and focus were directed through the lens of your concerns.

In contrast, when you apply the intention behind the phrase “just for today” you are more apt to redirect your attention to the present moment.  Take nature for example.

Have you ever gone for a walk and noticed all the beauty that surrounds you?

    • Such as the sensory experience of the way the wind touches your skin?
    • Finding a place to sit to bask in the warmth of the sun as it radiates upon you?
    • How about hearing the birds and being present with the beauty of their song, or
    • Looking up at the sky only to be reminded of how vast and expansive life is?

According to Usui, when we are present we are better able to access our soul’s infinite wisdom, which leads us to make better and more fulfilling choices in our lives.

Just for Today – I will not worry 

How can Reiki help you to stop worrying?  Firstly we have to acknowledge that many, if not all of us worry. Worry causes us to feel anxious about actual or potential outcomes in the future. I believe at the core of this principle is the choice to live in fear or in love.

Love is your natural state of being, but many of us operate from a place of fear, which stems from our life experiences and beliefs (many of them false and limiting) acquired over time. Whilst fear-based thoughts are products of the ego and intend to keep us safe, there are instances when acting out of fear or worry lowers your vibration and is disempowering.

Reiki maintains that when you release the worry, you are more likely to live in the present. Better decisions are made and life tends to flow for the highest good for you and all concerned.

For instance, I have a friend who was running behind schedule and was worried about being late for a meeting. She was on the road during the early morning rush hour and was stuck in traffic. Moving at a snail’s pace, her worrying intensified.

So, she decided to take an alternative route. In her haste to get to her destination on time, she began to drive over the speed limit. Unfortunately, she was pulled over for speeding, which caused her to be even later for the meeting.

Finally, how many times have you worried about a situation that never actually eventuated? Plenty, I’m sure. What a waste of precious and valuable time! Times which took you away from being and living in the present.

I was a chronic worrier. I worried about everything even when there was no reason to worry. In fact, my mother used to tell me that I worried about worrying, and I was told that being a worrier was a part of my personality. I later realised that worrying was a behaviour that could be changed.  I had periods of time when the thoughts intensified and turned into anxiety which at times became debilitating. I had difficulty making decisions, big and small, for fear that my decision would not be the right one.

When I began on my Reiki journey I quickly learned that I am solely responsible for my thoughts and feelings and that I am the only person who can change them. By implementing this principle, I became acutely aware of and released my worrying thoughts.

I began to worry less, and began to make decisions from a trusting and empowered place. This practice gave me a strong sense of faith.

“Worrying makes your mind inert and dull; it steals your energy and prevents you from thinking clearly”  Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

The Reiki Principles are spiritual guidelines that enable you to work on yourself each day, without any added pressure or guilt.

Keep an eye out next week our article on how you can use Reiki to help deal with anger, using the 5 Reiki Principles.

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