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I had a great question come in through my Facebook Community group and thought I would write a little about why I zig zag my hands across the body when giving Reiki.

When I’m running nurturing Reiki energy, my right hand is my power hand, mostly because it’s the one that I use to draw the Reiki symbols as well as being right handed.
When I start, my first position is under the chest area above the solar plexus. My right hand is on top (clients left hand side).  When I move to the next position I move my right hand to the lower position (closer to me) and this creates a zig zag across the body from my right hands perspective.  
The difference felt between hands for me is minimal, and as you all know I work intuitively which means I allow spirit to guide my hands now, so have fun with it and try a few different ways and you will soon get a feel for your preferred way of giving Reiki.
Let me know if you have any questions about the standard hand positions.
Quick Tip – Self Healing – My favourite quick position for giving myself Reiki – See image below.
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