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Using your Intuition to Empower Others

I recently discovered that the spirit world will support us when working with our clients to look into their hopes and aspirations for their future.  It’s an area in the past that I have avoided due to my own belief, as I have felt that it best for my clients to define and decide for themselves what it is that they wish to experience.  

I now understand how we can gently guide our clients to discover the path that will lead to their highest potential, with our assistance.  Read below to find out how you can use your intuition to highlight your client’s aspirations for a brighter tomorrow.  

Understand your Client’s needs.  

The first place to start when reading on behalf of another person is to meditate, call in the light and your guides then set the intention that you work for the greatest need of your client, in other words empowering your client.

Know your own intuitive gifts

and how you personally access your spiritual guidance and awareness. Knowing how to connect can help you to provide your clients with the clarity and wisdom that they might be seeking.

Empower your Clients. 

Once you ‘feel’ into the message that you are receiving by tuning into their energy field you can then pass on messages; however, it is always important to tell them that they will need to choose or discern what feels best for them. 

top tips for using intuition


Confidence comes with practice. 

I personally believe that we all know what we are wanting.  Sometimes our mind and thoughts, or the opinions of others, cloud our own judgment.  A great reading will clear the way for them to feel and resonate with their own truth.  When you have fine-tuned your spiritual abilities, you can expertly guide your clients to their greater knowledge.  This feels both exciting and empowering for you both. 

Know yourself and your limitations. 

I suggest that when reading for others you refrain from asking your guides direct questions as this process stimulates your consciousness, which means you’ve lost your spiritual connection and will be talking with your client from your human aspect, rather than from source consciousness. 

Need more support? 

Or would you like to get clear intuition, and trust in your guidance for both your own spiritual development or to assist others?  Then you may like to attend my Learn Intuitive Reiki workshop or Learn to Channel course. 

Lisa Brandis
Author: Lisa Brandis

Lisa Brandis is the Founder and Director of Intuitive Reiki International and is Australia’s first Intuitive Reiki Master and Teacher. She is highly sought after for her practical spiritual teachings and transformative energy healings. Lisa holds the vision to inspire, educate, and empower others to make a difference in the world using their intuition and the practice of Reiki.