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Me and my daughter Georgia on holidays

I’ve just been on a beautiful family holiday to Dongara and really enjoyed the benefits of beachside living. I  enjoy how being on holidays allows time for some inner reflection and an opportunity to look at life from a different perspective.

Sometimes we can become so absorbed in the day to day business of life that we forget to take time to stop and smell the roses. I had noticed that this certainly was the case in my life recently and taking some time away from the computer/work and spending time chilling out was a blessing that I discovered brought some wonderful gifts.

I’d like to share with you some of the insights I received:

  1. Be present – and experience the ‘now’ as often as possible.
  2. Have a new experience.  Do something different, experience new places, and choose your own adventure.
  3. Learn how to breathe with the ocean.  Gerald taught me and my girls this technique, and it was incredible, expansive, and very powerful.
  4. Lighten up – Find something to laugh at or someone to laugh with.  I have a couple of friends who delight in finding funny pictures on Facebook and sending them to each other, crazy – yes, funny – oh yes, surprising and shocking – absolutely and those few minutes of belly laughter have kept me in a joyful mood for hours!!!
  5. Find someone to hug… I found Georgia (pictured above) and hugged her lots and lots…

Looking forward to seeing you all at one of my next events.  Put the dates in your calendar and schedule some YOU TIME!!!

With love and kindness

Lisa xxx


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Lisa Brandis
Author: Lisa Brandis

Lisa Brandis is the Founder and Director of Intuitive Reiki International and is Australia’s first Intuitive Reiki Master and Teacher. She is highly sought after for her practical spiritual teachings and transformative energy healings. Lisa holds the vision to inspire, educate, and empower others to make a difference in the world using their intuition and the practice of Reiki.