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Just for Today – I will be kind to every living thing

At the very heart of the Reiki system of healing, there are five guiding principles that you can introduce into your daily life. Mikao Usui, Reiki Founder, taught that when you make the decision to practice Reiki and to live by these principles, you are better able to live in balance, find alignment, and happiness.

The principles are:

Just for today…

I will not worry

I will not anger

I will be grateful

I will do my work honestly

I will be kind to every living thing

Just for Today – I will be kind to every living thing

Practicing compassion and kindness provides you the opportunity to see people and situations without judgment and anger. This principle asks you to change your perspective regarding a person or situation with which you may not quite agree or which doesn’t fit nicely in your world or reality.

At the core, this precept implores you to open your spiritual heart, accept and see who and what is before you from a higher perspective and through the eyes of love and compassion.

Holding Space

During my Reiki classes, I often speak about the power of “holding space” for others when we are giving them Reiki. This means that when channelling Reiki, you quiet your mind and become fully present so that you can listen to and be with the recipient, and offer compassion and support. Some of the most profound healing moments I have experienced have come through the quiet moments in which I hold space for my clients while they gently release their pain and/or stored emotion.

Reiki provides the perfect platform for you to hold space for another.  It can guide you to be in pure alignment with love and to build deep and profound compassion for another. Reiki not only allows precious time to slow down, but it also raises your vibration/frequency to filter any messages you may receive.

Cultivating Kindness

We can use Reiki as a reminder to practice many small acts of kindness throughout our day.  Remembering to bring that same kindness that you affectionately give to others and shine that light upon yourself too.  I posted in my Reiki community group today a question.

Q – Share one thing that you love about yourself?

What was interesting was how many of the comments started first with a message about how difficult my students found this.  Isn’t it interesting?  I wonder if we asked a child under the age of 5 to tell “only” one thing that they loved about themselves if they too would find it so difficult?  I have a feeling they would find it difficult to just stop at one thing they love about themselves.

So I ask you today to reply to this email with just one thing that you love about yourself.  Try to answer with the first thought that pops into your head.  For me right now.  I love that I am kind to myself and others.

Cultivate Kindness

I noticed when I used to manage volunteers in a children’s hospital that helping and being kind to others created a high energy frequency.  I personally saw that people who volunteered their time or who simply care for others on a consistent basis seem to be happier and less depressed.  Although caring can involve volunteering as part of an organised group or club it can also be as simple as reaching out to a colleague or classmate who looks lonely or who is struggling with an issue.

Volunteering as a Reiki Practitioner

When you learn Reiki you will be volunteering your time to practice giving Reiki to your friends and family which in turn will give you a sense of caring for others, and offering them love, support, and understanding when the energy of Reiki encourages them to open up and share with you.  After you have completed your Reiki 2 Level practitioner training you can apply to volunteer at hospitals giving Reiki to those in need.  A number of our students are currently volunteering on a weekly and fortnightly basis at the Solaris Cancer Care and at other hospital programs across the state.  There are so many opportunities that you can make a difference in our community, especially now when the world needs more light, love, and connection than ever before.

Here are some of the places you might consider volunteering: 

Solaris Cancer Care 

Palliative Care WA 

Cancer Council WA 

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