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Thinking about renting space for your Reiki business?

I’ve started the search for you with my top list of pros and cons to get you started on your journey to renting space for your Reiki business. Here are a few things you might want to consider:

  • Finding the right location is key to renting space for your Reiki business.

Your chosen rental space needs to be in the best possible location for you and your target market. Do your research and consider your target market. Think about where they live and are likely to visit.

  • Travel time to work.

Renting a space for your Reiki business that is close to home can have many benefits. Distance of travel to work can have an impact especially if you have young children that you need to pick up from school or other responsibilities that need to be considered. I chose to open my centre in a central location which meant for me I had to travel 30 – 45 minutes from home. Would I prefer to be 10 minutes from home? Of course, but I made the decision to open my centre in an area that was more convenient for my clients/students and it paid off. I changed my attitude about my driving time and started listening to awesome podcasts to keep me inspired or time to process and unpack my day so when I arrive home I can focus fully on being an attentive wife and mother.

  • Is it a good fit?

Renting a room in a wellness centre can be impacted by the traffic and popularity of the premises, as well as your own experience. Think about what you can offer the owners of the wellness centre. Look at all the existing practitioners and make sure that they are aligned with your personal and professional values. Also, consider the amenities and extras. Such as, is there a receptionist? If so, this is of benefit to you and your business, which will be factored into the price of the rent that you are charged.

  • Create a budget.

Before you sign any legal documents, carefully consider your budget. What is your expected revenue based on your availability? What is your minimum number of clients needed to cover the rent? If you can afford it, and only IF, and it ‘feels’ right and you’ve done your research, then go for it! Renting premises is a very exciting time in your professional career. It can increase your confidence and be very rewarding in many ways.

  • Negotiate like a queen.

I personally look for a win-win situation when I enter into any negotiation. You can ask for a rent reduction for a short period to help you with the costs of establishing your practice.  All they can do is say no to your request, but if you don’t ask, you will never know.

  • Sharing a room with another practitioner.

This can also be an option when you are first starting out. You can learn from a more advanced practitioner and this option can help you to share the associated costs with the room. Just check if this means that you need to take your belongings in for the day and out at the end. I did this for a few years when I first started and while the rate was cheaper, it was a pain lugging the heavy massage table and all my stuff from the car to the centre each day that I worked.

  • Lease length.

Is it a periodical lease, which means paying month by month? Or is it a fixed-term lease with an option to renew? Definitely do your research when signing a commercial lease agreement. They are legally binding and even if you are not getting clients you will still be required to pay your rent, or pay until you find someone who can take the lease on after you, which is not easy.

The Small Business Association of WA has a few recommendations when considering entering a short-term lease. They are:

  • Double-check that the lease and the terms and conditions will meet your business needs.
  • Understand that the landlord is not under any obligation to extend your lease.
  • Don’t spend money on a fit-out or specific items (include costs involved in the lease) if you can’t recover the money during the period of the short-term lease.

Renting space for your Reiki business is an exciting step! Here are my tips for transitioning from a home-based Reiki business.Taking your Reiki business to the level can be a hugely rewarding experience, but can also be a risk to take. I suggest you do your research and take your time to make an informed decision when it comes to renting space for your Reiki business.

If you would like to learn more about this topic you can join our Intuitive Reiki Membership Group where you can learn from other Masters and Practitioners and their top tips to make the transition from a home-based business to commercial premises. As well as the support and opportunities that come from being a part of a community of Reiki practitioners making a difference in our community.

Sending so much love, light, and happiness your way,

Lisa xoxo

* This is general advice, please do your own research and seek legal and financial advice, relevant to your situation.

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