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If so, you’ll want to join Intuitive Reiki International’s exciting new practical Intuition workshop, for beginners.

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Facilitated by Lisa Brandis, Founder of Intuitive Reiki International

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What is Intuition?

  • Intuition is a natural ability that we are all born with, however many of us have forgotten how to use it or trust it. In this course, you will learn skills and techniques that will allow you to ‘tune in’ to your intuitive messages, and develop skills that will benefit all areas of your life.

Who is this workshop for?

  • Light Workers and Healers who are wanting to connect to their intuition and trust their messages and guidance.
  • People who want to learn how to tap into their intuition.
  • People that know how to trust their intuition but want to get clear and accurate messages.
  • Health care professionals who want to have a tool that can assist them in their work.
  • Spiritual seekers, looking for answers and seeking a higher truth?
  • Beginners who want to learn in an open-minded, supportive environment that allows you to practice and learn with confidence.
  • Business people and entrepreneurs who want to use their intuition to make better business decisions.
  • It’s also for anyone who is already intuitive and wants to expand their intuition and experience clear messages.

Do you need to know Reiki to attend?

  • No. This course is for anyone wanting to learn how to tune into their natural inner wisdom and awaken all of their senses, although prior knowledge of Reiki or healing will be of benefit.

Workshop Includes:

  • Practical exercises to immerse you in your Intuitive Guidance System

  • Learn how to quiet your mind and sit in powerful energy.

  • Understand the different tools for developing your Intuition, like Angel Card Reading, using your Psychic Senses, Psychic Mediumship, and Channelling.

  • Discover how developing these gifts can assist your own personal development.

  • Learn how to trust your gut instincts and work in a safe and protected way.

  • Understand your limiting beliefs and your fears around being an intuitive person

  • Release fear programs from this life and past lives that are energetically holding you back from the fullness of your intuition.

  • Understand how to read other peoples energy and begin to pass on guided messages with confidence.

  • Support in understanding and interpreting the messages you receive

  • Practice time in class for direct experiences with your intuition, in a safe and supportive environment.

  • Ethics and safe practice when reading for others and safe practice.

  • Plus you’ll also receive a 40-page comprehensive workbook to take home!

Are you ready to explore your spiritual gifts?

“Gary Zukav shares his definition of intuition. Multi-sensory humans treasure intuition because they know it is access to compassion and wisdom beyond what they can give to one another. Intuition is the voice of the non-physical world. You know you have gifts to give and you long to know what they are”.

Our past students left this workshop feeling grounded,
centred and confident and you can too!

Everyone is raving about this jam-packed workshop, read what they’re saying below:

Lisa is a teacher that naturally inspires all her students to live a spirit filled life and they just want to keep coming back -whether it be for Reiki, Intuition or Channeling tuition Lisa leads with compassion and by example.

Jeanette Howes

The course was enlightening and exciting. We were taught a range of tools and techniques to use to ‘tune in’ to our intuitive messages. I especially loved learning to work with Angel Cards, as well as the increased connection I felt by learning to trust in my own intuition and guidance. Great way to spend the weekend, feeling blessed!

Cherie Crook

A BIG heartfelt thank you to you Lisa for creating such a beautiful space for us all to connect and be inspired.  Loved every minute of the workshop and I’m so grateful for the beautiful new sisters I have connected with.

Kerry Simpson

What a wonderful weekend! Thoroughly enjoyed every minute. I am feeling a lot more balanced and aligned and ready to embark on a new exciting venture.

Julie Dunster

Well worth doing, not only I gain lots of insight from Lisa’s intensive knowledge and I also made some wonderful connections with lots of beautiful souls.

Fiona Greenlaw

Amazing!  Jam-packed workshop, I would highly recommend to both those new to intuition and those who are hoping to increase it!  An amazing step to take in anyone’s spiritual journey.  So much love.

Rachel Western.

I always feared that I didn’t have any guides supporting me – after this weekend I know that without a doubt that they’re all there and have been waiting for so long for me to finally arrive!!!  Thank you, Lisa, for helping me unlock and walk through that door, Love you.

Denise Collier

I thoroughly enjoyed. Lisa was an amazing teacher and shared so much of herself and her experiences.  I loved being with like-minded people and felt a lot of love from the group.  It was truly beautiful.

Kerrie Chiera

Thank you for giving us a safe space to explore our intuition and to connect with like-minded individuals.  Your passion and love are inspiring.

Sarah Hatcher

I am so grateful for the beautiful weekend with beautiful souls on their journey with unconditional love!  Thank you, Lisa.

Christelle Burdy

Lisa you are a beautiful soul, what a weekend!!!  I am mind blown and your knowledge and experiences are inspiring!  Love and Light.

Jazz Christiansen

Thank you again, Lisa, for a very insightful, intuitive course.  It was truly amazing, and I feel like my intuition has grown and expanded.  Lots of love.

Joel Hogan

Thank you so much for assisting me to grow.  I will always love you people, we speak the same language.  Much love and light”.


Thank you for another wonderful weekend.  The space you hold, insight you give and allowance for the group vibration rising is fantastic.  Thank you for the experiences.

Kay Mutch

Weekend Workshop Intensive
Sat 25th & Sun 26th June
Only $397

Limited places available don’t delay!