Private Spiritual Mentoring with Lisa Brandis

Transformational Spiritual Mentoring Program 

1 on 1 with Lisa Brandis

This Spiritual Mentoring program offers a unique opportunity for you to work on an individual basis with the founder of Intuitive Reiki International, Lisa Brandis.

Experience an inspiring and personalized mentoring program tailored to:

  • Awaken and elevate your intuition
  • Tune into your Internal Guidance System
  • Raise your vibration to channel light and healing for the planet
  • Connect with high-level guides for healing and teaching
  • Master the art of intuitively reading cards and sharing guidance to inspire and uplift yourself and others
  • Embark on personal development journeys
  • Engage in practical exercises during sessions to enhance spiritual awareness
  • Receive support in initiating or expanding your spiritual practice/business
  • Develop trust in your guidance and confidence in delivering messages and guidance to your clients
  • Overcome emotional and spiritual blocks to lead an abundant and joyful life
  • Learn to read people’s energy
  • Discover and nurture your unique spiritual talents with guidance and support

Unlock your spiritual potential and confidently share your gifts with the world.

The mentoring program consists of personalised one-on-one consultations with Lisa Brandis, featuring two 2-hour sessions per month.

Lisa Brandis

The driving force behind Intuitive Reiki International is Australia’s first Master and Teacher. Recognised for her practical spiritual teachings and impactful energy healings, Lisa is highly sought after as a mentor.

Driven by a vision to inspire, educate, and empower others, Lisa focuses on guiding individuals to make a meaningful difference in the world through intuition and Reiki. Her expertise is helping you develop and trust your intuition through Reiki, allowing you to effortlessly access clear guidance for personal growth in every aspect of life.

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An enlightening and joyful journey back to my true self. Thanks Lisa. Cam Muir-Smith

To find out if this program is right for you please contact us and book a discovery session.  

Sessions may include:

  • Reiki/Energy Healing

  • Inspirational channelled messages with Lisa’s guide Anya including have your own personal questions answered by both Lisa & Anya

  • Hypnotherapy and/or NLP/past life regression as and when it’s needed

  • Access to Lisa’s online Facebook community and private mentoring Facebook page for Lisa’s personal mentoring clients.

  • Telephone support in between sessions

  • No risk guarantee: You can cancel your mentoring at any time.

What’s also included:

  • Attending workshops:

    Attend live in person channelling events as our VIP guest, included in the cost of your mentoring program.

  • Your weekly commitment:

    While scheduled appointments are fixed, there’s flexibility in the at-home work component of the program. Your weekly commitment typically ranges from 2 to 4 hours. This involves engaging in self-work and completing homework tasks provided by Lisa to support your spiritual journey. Tasks may include reading recommended books, engaging in meditation exercises, conducting readings for yourself, and documenting your experiences, including any Reiki or spiritual healing sessions.

Lisa has taken me to a whole new level! From self-confidence to mastering Reiki, her guidance, love, and encouragement have been transformative. Grateful beyond words. – Kay Mutch


I first walked into one of your workshops 18 months ago and genuinely looking back, I can’t believe that’s how long it’s been. The growth I’ve experienced both on an emotional and mental level, as well as on my spiritual awareness has been immense! It’s incredible to think that expansion has been only 18 months, I can’t begin to find the words to express my gratitude to you. All the opportunities you’ve given me to learn, heal and grow will last me a lifetime. From my self-confidence and healing through Reiki and your workshops, right the way along to supporting as one of your master’s and assisting others as they venture on their Reiki journey, every moment is cherished. Spiritual mentoring with you has taken me to a whole new level! Whether we were working on symbols, attunements or channelling none of my dreams imagined I’d learn and understand so much. I truly am filled with appreciation for your guidance, love and encouragement.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Lots of love, Kay xxx

Kay Mutch

When I first started spiritual mentoring with Lisa I was looking for guidance and direction spiritually and on completion I have experienced higher states of clarity, the connection to my intuition is stronger and clearer and I am moving forward with confidence into a lifelong journey of inner discovery.

Lisa was always warm and welcoming and had a comforting approach.

An enlightening and joyful journey back to my true self.

Cameron Muir-Smith
The right guidance brings a multitude of avenues in various scales. The mentoring program allows that achievement.
S Ganesh S Sayapathi
Gayleen Richards

Before starting the program, I felt the need for a mentor, someone inspiring to guide me on my soul journey. That’s exactly what I found in Lisa. They say ‘when the student is ready, the teacher will appear,’ and I’m grateful for the joy and peace I’ve discovered working with her each month. She’s equipped me with invaluable tools for my life’s journey.

The program has deepened my trust in my intuition and boosted my confidence in receiving and offering guidance. It’s been more enriching than I ever imagined.

Lisa’s style and energy resonate deeply with me; she’s a beautiful soul shining in her element.

Overall experience? A perfect 10 out of 10!

Gayleen Richards

Saying yes to the program with Lisa was a turning point for me. Since completing it, I’ve found a newfound confidence and a deeper sense of self-worth. I’ve also strengthened my connection to my intuition, something I had longed for before starting.

Though I still have moments where I don’t feel as connected as I’d like, I’m learning to trust the guidance I receive on this journey. The program has equipped me with tools to better navigate life’s ups and downs.

Completing my Reiki Masters and mentoring program that followed is something I’m eternally grateful for. I would highly recommend this program to others.

I really enjoyed connecting with my Spirit Guides and feeling the high-vibe energy of Lisa and her spirit guide Anya.

Thank you, Lisa, for guiding me on this transformative journey.

An enlightening and joyful journey back to my true self. Thanks Lisa.
Cam Muir-Smith
Lisa helped me a lot during my mentorship with her. She assisted me in gaining confidence in trusting my intuition and believing in myself. She explained that the fear and insecurities I felt regarding my intuition was quite normal and she helped me to overcome those fears. I can thoroughly recommend Lisa if anyone is seeking a mentor to guide them through their spiritual enlightenment.
Kathryn Turner

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