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You can ask the Higher Dimensional being called Anya any question!

Lisa Brandis has introduced thousands of her students to Anya’s channeled wisdom over the last decade and looks forward to making this unique and personalised experience available to you live via zoom.

Live readings with Lisa Brandis – Channeling her spirit guide Anya.

This is a unique opportunity for you to seek guidance and spiritual insights on life, work, health, relationships, and spiritual growth. Spend time in the company of like-minded people opening their hearts for an evening of love, light and connection.  Receive inspiring guidance and new learning on a wide range of topics.  

Lisa’s intention is to provide a spiritual perspective to help you navigate the ups and downs of life with more grace.  

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** Session recording provided to all event participants if you can’t attend the live session**   

You must register to receive the replay.  

These nights are always educational, uplifting and often enlightening. Bring a friend along to experience an evening they won’t forget!  You can invite a guest in the meetup registration process.

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A word from Lisa:Even

What to expect from the evening:

Intro to channeling – 15 min

Lisa will share with you her personal experience with channeling and the difference it has made to her own life and also to the many students and clients that she has worked with over the past 15 years of working with Intuitive Reiki and verbally channeling her spirit guide Anya.

Meditation & Demonstration of Channeling – 1 hour

Lisa will call through her spirit guide Anya for an interactive demonstration of channeling.

We recommend that you come prepared with a few questions that you would like to receive guidance on, see FAQ section below for some question prompts.

Anya will choose a few audience members to have the opportunity to receive a message directly from Anya.  Past event participants enjoyed the teaching and guidance that was shared with others during the evening, many able to draw their own meaning and gain insight and understanding just by being present in the group energy.

“What an amazing evening Lisa with Anya. Anya answered my question perfectly and I also loved what she said to the others when they asked questions. Also loved the mediumship answers. It was a joy to be in the group. Thank you so much”. Margrett Robson

Learn to channel course – starting soon

Lisa will share with you information about her upcoming course – Learn to channel.  Answering any questions that you have about opening to channel and how doing so will benefit you in your life.

Can’t wait to learn more? 

You can read about our Learn to Channel course by clicking here

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What is channeling?

Channeling is a natural form of communication between humans and spirit, either the high-level guide, the channel or both, working together in cooperation.

Who’s this evening for?

  • This evening is for people who are looking for a spiritual perspective.
  • They want the opportunity to have their questions answered in a safe and nurturing environment.
  • People who are interested in developing their own natural intuitive gifts.
  • You want to discover your life purpose.
  • Make positive changes in your life and information on the blocks to taking action.
  • Intuitive people who are confused about their natural spiritual abilities and want to gain confidence in receiving messages.
  • Curious about the process of channeling and want to experience it for yourself firsthand.
  • Wanting to learn more about the channeling process so you can decide if you would like to learn how to channel too.
  • Looking for a tribe of like-minded friends, who supports you in the development of your own spiritual gifts.
Want to know a spiritual perspective on predictive readings and self-responsibility?
Listen to a live recording below.


I had seen the Instagram posts in relation to this Lisa’s Channeling session. However, between kids’ sports, and dinner prep didn’t think I would be able to make it. But somehow I made and I am so glad I did. It was definitely worth it. I found listening to people’s questions really resonated with me and I could take away bits of information from other people’s questions.

Thank you again, Lisa & Anya.

Trish Yeats

A really lovely evening with Lisa and like-minded souls. It was very heartwarming, uplifting and fun. Thank you

Kristina Ritchie

What an amazing experience! So touching and beautiful to witness the good Lisa and Anya are able to do in this world.


To watch the union between Anya and Lisa is a must to experience. To feel and experience this union is a blessing. Thank you Lisa and Anya for sharing your lovely energies.

Kathy Williams

Attending was a reinforcement of my existing belief in the power of channeling and any form of light work to help people.  Such an amazing experience!
So touching and beautiful to witness the good Lisa and Anya are able to do in this world.


A fabulous evening- thank you Lisa and Anya.

Leigh Jane

It was a lovely experience

Liz Joynson
Wendy Kushini

What an evening it was! A beautiful night with Anya! We were all so thrilled and eagerly waiting to know what Anya through our gorgeous Lisa has to say to clear our doubts, answer our questions. To many of us if not all of us, she has been spot on. It was such a beautiful night for me personally. I felt privileged to have been able to make it for the night. Lisa, keep the flame going as you have enlightened my life ever since I have met you. Be Blessed always, you are an angel sent for all of us.

Wendy Kushini

It was a wonderful evening. A great and open group who were happy to share some very personal thoughts. Also thanks to Lisa and Anya for your support and guidance

Anne Kirkpatrick
Margrett Robson

What an amazing evening Lisa with Anya. Anya answered my question perfectly and I also loved what she said to the others when they asked questions. Also loved the mediumship answers. It was a joy to be in the group. Thank you so much.

Margrett Robson

It helped me to resolve some questions I had.  I really enjoyed the beautiful Lisa and the lovely group of ladies present thanks for the clarity.


Event Information

Date: Tuesday 28th May 2024

Time: 6:30pm – 8pm (Perth)

Location: Live in-person event

Frequently Asked Questions – Channelling2022-07-16T20:03:15+08:00


Q – Can I learn how to channel & develop my own intuition? 
A – Yes we have a course designed to support you to open and trust your intuition.  “Learn to Channel”.  Is a 6-week online course.  You can learn how to trust your intuition, and connect to high-level guidance yourself in a safe, fun and interactive space, from the comfort of your own home. You can read about our Learn to Channel Course here.

Q – Are there any courses that you will be promoting?

A – Yes I will share information about our upcoming workshops but you are under no obligation to attend.  This is a free event that was designed to assist you during these times of change and uncertainty as well as feel the blessing of the collective energy.   

Q – Can I invite a friend?

A – Yes we would love you to share the event link as they will need to register for the event so they can gain access to their unique zoom link.

Q – Will you add me to your mailing list?

A – Yes as part of your registration you will be added to our mailing list, you can unsubscribe at any time by clicking the link at the bottom of all our emails.

Q – Do I need to prepare a question before the event? 

A – Yes it is advised that you come prepared to get the most out of this experience.

Q – Will everyone get a reading?  

A – No due to the number of people who attend we are unable to guarantee you will get a personal reading, however, many students find Anya answers their questions in-directly via other readings.

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