1:1 Intuitive Reiki & Spiritual Guidance with Lisa Brandis 

Mara Bray

This path with Reiki I know is only going to be a positive one. The people I’ve met today have been incredible. We are all in-tune & like-minded… obviously bought together for a reason. To use it on self, family & friends will be a beautiful start. But hopefully, I end up a Reiki Master! Thank you, Lisa, you are an amazing teacher x

Mara Bray

I’ve been to see Lisa a few times over a period of time, I know when I’m ready to have a healing. And to get re-inlined and re-balanced. The experience is always amazing and I could sit and chat for hours with her. Her space has a warm inviting atmosphere. I can’t recommend her enough to people I meet or know, talking and sharing about an experience with her that is truly amazing. I highly recommend booking an appointment with a true miracle worker.

sam sharratt

I deeply loved this Reiki experience. It was more than I expected. Physically feeling the energy from everyone was very powerful and inspiring. It was incredible to feel such a connection on a deeply personal level with everyone, that was surprising and lovely. I live in Florida so having this amazing energy from Down Under was such a gift and a blessing.

Michele Burdette

I so loved meeting you today as well and can’t tell you how much I enjoyed our session. Your advice and guidance confirmed what I knew deep down.  I felt wonderfully vibrant and in-spirit immediately after our session. At the moment, I’m feeling a greater sense of openness and acceptance, allowing myself to simply be and be me. I’m looking forward to opening myself and my heart even more in our next session.

Pamela Lane

There are no words as to how much you and Reiki helped me and I will carry this knowledge in my heart, soul, and life for all eternity. I have been blessed to have ‘found’ Lisa Brandis and Intuitive Reiki for both have brought huge change and growth within me. For this, I am truly grateful.


Thank you soo much for everything you have taught me. Reiki has blessed my life immensely, it has brought me greater inner peace and self-love, increased trust in God and the universe, which has significantly reduced stress, helped me to be more self-aware, adapt and go with the flow of life”.

Dayle Allen

Learning Reiki has changed my life!  

I’ve felt more peace , relaxation, stress reduction, self-healing, joy, etc I really had none before learning and experiencing Reiki. Maybe at a surface level, I did sometimes. I also used to struggle emotionally as well, but after Reiki, just wow!  It’s been just over 12 months since I learnt Reiki I and about 10 months since learning Reiki 2 and I can honestly say the life I have now is so far removed from the life I had before Reiki. I’m helping people help themselves. This has been the best part, to be honest. I’m helping myself. I’m pursuing dreams I didn’t think were possible (part of that’s the helping people bit) Creatively I feel I’ve opened up even more than before. Plus one of the best bit is I met some amazing people. I walked into the first Reiki nervous and people shy around new people and truly walked out of day 1 feeling like I belonged and a bunch of friends. So I would recommend and that’s only my condensed recommendation 😊 Forever grateful xx

Meg Hough
Thank you for such an amazing session again today. It never goes in the direction I think it will, but I think that’s the best part – it’s always exactly what I need. 😊

After starting a new job and being there only a few days I severely tore my calf muscle at home and was unable to work my manual labor job. I was in immense pain and could only hobble around. The doctor signed me off work for four days, and I was determined to be back at work come rain hail or shine! This led me to look at ways to heal faster and made me consider Reiki Healing which I had never tried before. I went to Lisa looking for a physical healing and got so much more. 

The Reiki healing was a very relaxing process, which resulted in a large reduction in pain at the site of my injury and an increase in movement which surprised me as it was very non-invasive. I honestly believe it has sped up the healing of my injury as I have not felt the need for anti-inflammatory medications and have not needed any extra time off. The other physical benefits included other areas of tightness in my muscles like my shoulders loosening up and a general physical feeling of well-being. 

Whilst there Lisa also did my cards. She was very accurate with her references to my mother, knowing things that she could not have known. She helped me to resolve some issues surrounding my mother which has left me feeling happier and more contented. I left Lisa’s consulting rooms with so much more than a healed leg!  


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Thank YOU!

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