Spiritual & Reiki Healing Retreat 2024


Immerse yourself in the healing magic of Bali. An intimate setting that fosters the union of Mind, Body, and Well-being.


Intuitive Reiki Transformational Retreat Bali

Sunday 2nd June to Saturday 8th June 2024

Experience 6 days in an idyllic traditional Balinese Resort discovering self-growth, fun and unique indulgence. Experience, Learn and RECEIVE. You’ll receive 1:1 expert support within a small group of like-minded women.

  • Enjoy 6 days of unique experiences of shopping, relaxing and eating in Legian … with
  • Opening Dinner & Cocktails at Pearl voted best in Bali Trip advisor
  • 2 Hour Spa package of foot-bath, reflexology, massage and body scrub
  • Traditional Cooking Workshop & Reading with a gifted traditional Healer and healing experience
  • Daily Yoga available
  • Healing day ceremony, water purification ceremony, meditation and healing
  • Adventure and experience Ubud culture, markets and restaurants
  • Sound bath & healing at the Pyramids of Chi
  • Breakfast, morning/afternoon teas provided airport transfers as well

Embark on a transformative 6-day journey of Reiki and Spiritual Healing. Unlock your boundless potential… Discover the true YOU.

With Lisa Brandis Reiki Master and teacher Lisa is highly sought-after for her practical spiritual teachings, transformative energy healings, and classes.

Lisa holds a vision to inspire, educate, and empower others to make a difference in the world using their intuition and the practice of Reiki. She focuses on teaching you how to develop and trust your intuition through Reiki so you can harness the power of Intuitive Reiki to heal and up-level your life.

Lisa has taught thousands of students and brings 20 years of dedicated experience with Reiki and intuition to support and create great connections in the community.

The intuition component of Lisa’s teaching makes learning intuitive Reiki so valuable – energy healing with strong guidance is so valuable. A great tool in your business and life!


Ready to treat yourself, relax, and undergo a well-deserved transformation and getaway?

This retreat is for anyone who is seekign a genuine transformation, longing for serenity, ready to unlock your heart and truly thrive!

Lisa Brandis – Director Intuitive Reiki

Intuitive Reiki Master, Inspirational speaker, spiritual mentor, teacher. Clinical Hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner.

Lisa’s Activation Sessions will:

  • Connect or deepen your connection with high-level guidance
  • Energy healing group work & receive an energy activation
  • Ask and receive spiritual solutions to your big questions
  • Raise your vibration
  • Release any liming beliefs and discover the unique gifts that you are here to share with the world connect, nurture and empower you to heal yourself and inspire others

If you have been searching for a better way to live and are ready to feel more alive, to be the best ‘you’, you can be … Now is the time to activate abundance and a higher vibration for YOU!

“I cannot recommend this retreat enough!! Amazing experience from start to finish with lovely like-minded ladies. On the daily activities I learned so much on the retreat but still with the perfect balance of chill time too, I returned home enlightened, relaxed and positive with the bonus of making some beautiful new friends, already planning on attending next year’s :)”


Places are strictly limited, and payment plans available. Contact us for more information.


Lisa and Michele, you are awesome teachers and mentors and I can’t wait to continue with you both on my journey. It was a pleasure to get to know all of the amazing women on the retreat, and an honour to share not only space, our stories and life challenges, but all of the love that every one of you has given to each other without hesitation, trepidation or judgment.
I return home feeling so much love and gratitude for all of your gifts. (And hugs)
Learning that we are all so unique and deserve everything the universe is holding for us, knowing that we are worthy of all of the gifts.
My favorite moments (there were so many) were, as I watched us join our energies to help bring in Anya, connecting as one as the white light swirled through us all. It was so powerful. Phew. Learning about my destiny from Michele and the awesome sound healing.
Thank you Michele, Lisa, and all of the new friends I made, this experience will be with me forever.
Lesley Meinema

I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to Lisa for extending the invitation to attend the May 2023 Complete Lifestyle & Intuitive Reiki Retreat.

Lisa Brandis, you are always a beautiful guide, gently opening the door to heal the fragile and broken parts of myself. Thank you for helping me rediscover who I can be and providing the opportunity I needed to embark on my journey back to Self.

Anya, a special thank you for ensuring I understood and received the messages with such warmth and care.

Michele, it was a true privilege to meet you and gain a small insight into the fascinating world of Chinese Astrology and Feng Shui. You’ve sparked a genuine thirst for more knowledge and a strong desire to harmonize my home.

I am immensely grateful for all the meticulous organising that ensured we each had an experience to be remembered and cherished.

Navigating group dynamics for an extended period can be challenging for me, and I appreciate the freedom to step away when needed, without judgment or criticism.

Thank you all for your openness and honesty, sharing stories of “the good, the bad, and the ugly” — incredibly relatable experiences, allowing us to laugh and share our tales.

To the incredible group of women, connecting with you all was a true blessing. Laughing and crying together, sharing a small part of your journey made the experience truly special.

Sitting here in Perth on this cold, wet winter’s day, a smile lights up my face as I reminisce about Pina Coladas by the pool.

Until we meet again, I send each one of you my love and deep appreciation for being a special part of my journey.


Grateful for the generous insights shared courtesy of you, Lisa Brandis, and Anya. The pearls of wisdom, kindness, and support from the amazing ladies on this adventure were priceless.

This is a big step closer to “Me,” and it feels absolutely fantastic. A heartfelt THANK YOU to all you beautiful ladies for an incredible week. Looking forward to catching up soon.

The retreat was the most wonderful, thoughtful, selfless gift I have or could ever give myself, and I hope another beautiful soul out there will give such a gift to herself to let her light shine through!

The Bali lifestyle retreat with Lisa and Michelle was an enriching experience. Both are gifted teachers/facilitators and each shared workshops that were high value. Lisa’s two workshops were emotionally deep and healing focusing on expanding our intuition and connection to Spirit. Michelle’s workshops were also transformational with us receiving our Chinese astrology chart and learning basic principles of Feng Shui and how to apply this to our own lives.
All of this in a loving, beautiful, and open environment with 10 other wonderful women. The water purification ceremony and sound meditation near Ubud all added to this lovely experience. Also not forgetting the great food and nightly cocktails.
I highly recommend the Bali lifestyle retreat.
Leonie Patrice
Had an amazing getaway with Michele & Lisa and a beautiful group of women. I didn’t have many expectations, was just looking forward to the break. I feel like I have come back so relaxed, revitalized and a new me. Also made so many beautiful connections with the ladies in the group and I remembered how to really smile & laugh again. I love Bali xx
Melinda McQueen