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Have you heard yet that 2021 is promising to be a year of change, expansion, growth, and evolution!

How blessed are we to have Reiki to turn to when we are feeling out of balance and swept up in some of the chaos that change creates!

I am definitely happy and leaning on my Reiki practice as well as the beautiful people that my business has brought into my life, including you!

Thank you for the thoughtful messages, the way you engage with us on social media, and for your continued support!

I am so grateful for YOU!

Supporting our community

Recently, I was invited to be a speaker at the Perth Festival of Healing and really enjoyed talking about Reiki, healing, intuition, and the many benefits that learning and receiving Reiki can bring into your life.

As our way to give back to the community, we had a MASSIVE $500 worth of prizes available at the festival!

Check out our live video announcement over on our Facebook Page.

Congratulations to the 3 winners of an Intuitive Reiki Session with Lisa Brandis:

Reiki at the Perth Festival of Healing

  • Gemma H-C
  • Michelle O’B &
  • Kay P
  • We also donated a $50 voucher for the raffle and the winner was Susy A.

Gayleen Richards did a great job giving mini Reiki recharge sessions at the event. We both met so many lovely people and enjoyed the opportunity to share how learning Reiki can help people trust their intuition.

We warmly invited many people to be a part of our ever-growing Intuitive Reiki Community which provides, support, friendship & great connections.

Does Reiki online work? Yes, a great big YES!

At the Festival, I was talking to another Reiki Master who thanked me for the great content that I have been sharing on social media and through my newsletters. She had been following me for years and was really excited to finally meet me face to face!

She shared with me how inspired she found my approach to innovating the business during Covid and moving the workshops into a virtual classroom. We discussed some of the challenges that came with this transition, but both marvelled at how the beautiful Reiki energy and its attunements supported this new way of teaching in such a divine and graceful way.

On a personal level, it was really nice to have someone approach me with curiosity and ask questions to learn more about how the pandemic had inspired the huge changes in how I could teach Reiki. I was more than happy to share my experiences, the lessons gained as well as some of the mistakes I made that lead to adapting my online programs.

But sadly, it wasn’t all positive. On the same day at the Festival, I also had another Reiki Master who made it clear that she didn’t support teaching Reiki online.

Why are some Reiki Masters not supportive of online learning?

Perhaps it’s fear? Lack of willingness to change? Or maybe a false belief that there is no touch and hands-on practice when Reiki is taught online. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

All my students are equipped to practice Reiki as soon as the training ends. Who did they practice with? I’m glad you asked!

They practiced with;

  • Family members
  • Children
  • Classmates on alternative dates
  • Other students from our Intuitive Reiki community.

After attending online training, we surveyed all the students and the overwhelming response was that they felt confident with the skills they gained to start practicing at home.

Students are happy with our online Reiki workshops - see our survey results

Going back to the other Reiki Master, whilst she made it clear that she didn’t support teaching Reiki online, she wasn’t willing or able to give me an explanation as to why she feels this way nor was she willing to hear about why I decided to teach online and the many great experiences that came out of doing so. This saddened me because I know that this Reiki Master is not alone in her thinking. And that’s partly why I decided to write about it in my blog.

I did take her comments personally and felt criticized when she shared her objections to online Reiki training. Then I remembered what I had learned from the amazing Ted Talk by Brene Brown, about daring greatly and believing in who I am, what I do and how I teach, and ultimately in the universal life force that is Reiki.

Daring greatly and creating change with Intuitive Reiki

Leadership is full of risk, making mistakes, and I have personally discovered that changing how we do things challenges people and puts them on edge.

What I have also realised is that for every one person who is negative there are 100 others, just like you, who love and support what we do and how we do it here at Intuitive Reiki.

So, if you’re anything like me, feeling the fear and doing it anyway, then I want you to know that I am proud of you!

You’re with me, daring greatly, making mistakes, and being vulnerable and I’d love to hear from you. Send me an email at and share how you have shown up in your life and dared greatly.

Sending so much love, light, and happiness your way,

Lisa xoxo

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