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If you’ve been feeling a little unsure if that thought or feeling you are having is coming from your ‘programming’ or your intuition, your not alone!

It is one of the most common questions that I get asked when teaching Intuitive Reiki and I want to share with you the difference between our thoughts and our intuition.

Here are some tips to help you to find clarity and have more confidence to trust your intuition.

  • Get to know your self. The more we explore our inner world, our emotions, our thoughts,  and our behavior, the more clear we become about who we are and what we want.  Ask yourself the questions and see what information and awareness start to float through.
  • Give yourself Reiki.  Reiki clears the mind and allows for messages to flow through, and it’s also a great way to nurture yourself.
  • Does this thought come from love or fear?  If you choose to be a person who operates from love, as often as possible, the answer to this question will bring clarity.
  • Take notice of your first feeling/impulse.  If the first one was excitement and exhilaration, then after ’thinking’ about it some more you started to feel fear about the decision, you will usually discover an old thought pattern is running the show.

To put all of this into context, I’ve just returned home from a national tour with my business coach.  I was asked to introduce her on stage in front of hundreds of people and talk about Reiki to a mainstream business audience.  My first instinct was ‘awesome, what a great opportunity, flying around the country sharing what I love, I’m in…. shortly followed by ‘OMG I can’t do that, I’m not good enough, too many people, I could go on, but I’ll spare you the details.  That was not intuition – but my beautiful fear and guess what I did… I asked myself does this thought come from love or fear?

Once I realised it was coming from fear I went into the emotion, understood my fear, loved it, embraced it, and it simply went away.  Fear is our mind wanting to protect us.  My first intuitive thought was clear because my heart knew this was in alignment with my purpose and it was a solid ‘yes do it’ when I checked in.  While my mind was afraid, my heart and my gut felt strong and safe with my decision.

The first time I spoke on stage my legs were shaking, my heart was racing but I knew this was in alignment with my purpose.   I was able to stop focusing on my fear and instead chose to focus on the people I could assist with my message.  This allowed me to enjoy the remainder of the tour and not be held back by my fears.  I had an absolute blast doing what I love and inspiring the amazing women that I met.

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With love and gratitude,

Lisa xxx


Lisa Brandis
Author: Lisa Brandis

Lisa Brandis is the Founder and Director of Intuitive Reiki International and is Australia’s first Intuitive Reiki Master and Teacher. She is highly sought after for her practical spiritual teachings and transformative energy healings. Lisa holds the vision to inspire, educate, and empower others to make a difference in the world using their intuition and the practice of Reiki.